Jack ma, a lot of amazing language 】 【 at credit suisse Asian investment conference speech

Beijing time on March 21, according to foreign media reports, alibaba group chairman jack ma said on Wednesday that alibaba group is likely to move through the acquisition of companies to promote business growth.

jack ma at credit suisse Asian investment conference in Hong Kong on Wednesday said that alibaba group mobile business in three years ago, but has not catch up with rivals tencent and the development of the micro letter service. Results show that tencent released earlier on Wednesday, the company net profit year-on-year growth of 37% in the fourth quarter, and said that micro letter service users in January this year has more than 300 million people.

jack ma said. “we also do a lot of investment, but we have no creativity, also not lucky. Have WeChat tencent is creative.” Ma said that alibaba group competition scheme including “acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions, as well as hiring more staff.”

alibaba group announced on March 11, May 10, group chief data officer, Mr. Lu will become chief executive of alibaba group, jack ma will no longer part-time and full-time chairman, chief executive. Mr Ma has said in June last year, the alibaba group, will be an initial public offering in five years. Last year, alibaba group also buy back yahoo’s stake in the company nearly half of the equity, the deal for the company’s valuation to $35 billion.

alibaba group, including the business between amazon and eBay, taobao, which now has more than 500 million registered users. Alibaba group said that taobao is currently one of the world’s top 20 most visited websites. Alibaba group’s cat mall B2C portal day, November 11, promotion of merchandise sales totaled $3.1 billion. Microsoft announced on Tuesday, Microsoft China official flagship store of cat mall in day. Ma said that alibaba group in 2012 has occupied 5% of China’s retail market.

The golden age

jack ma said, “we want to do is changing China. In the next five years, will be the golden age of electronic commerce.” Mr Ma is expected in the next five years, 30% of the total amount of China’s retail will be done online.

a market research firm analysys international, expects the number of Chinese online shoppers has already surpassed the United States; Last year, estimates China’s online retail trades amount of RMB 1.22 trillion, could more than double by 2015, reach 2.57 trillion yuan ($411 billion).

the China Internet network information center, according to data by the end of last year, China has 564 million Internet users, and increased by 10% from a year earlier. The number of Chinese Internet users, has gone beyond except India all the the population of any country in the world.

Potential IPO

jack ma in the investment seminar continues to speak a joke to habitual response to market speculation of the e-commerce giant plans cause market to a long-awaited first round public offerings of new enthusiasm.

alibaba never formally shows that companies have listed in the plan, but many bankers and investors, as in 2012, the stock repurchase agreement with yahoo, alibaba has enough reasons to conduct a scale could reach billions of dollars in the first round of public offering (IPO).

jack ma told investors, as the company sales products platform, alibaba is not a similar amazon “e-commerce”, but “help others to carry out the electronic commerce company.

the horse cloud later said, when alibaba hope to rely on the company’s business e-commerce platform of the small and medium-sized enterprises can earn money at the same time, these business owners also hope alibaba can earn money. He said, “they say, ‘please be sure to make money, if you can’t make money, we’re going to bankruptcy. I told them, ‘don’t worry about us, we have been making money. When we IPO, you will know how much we earn. This unexpected joke caused the audience’s laughter.

Eric guosen securities analyst Qiu (Eric Qiu) said, “if alibaba group for ipo this year, it will be the year’s biggest initial public offering. Alibaba group’s market value is likely to be greater than the sum of tencent and baidu.” Tencent is China’s largest Internet companies, the market value of about $63 billion; Baidu’s market value is more than $29 billion.

yahoo on March 1 filing with the securities and exchange commission (SEC), according to a report of the alibaba group in 2012 net profit rose 81%, to $484.5 million; Revenue rose 74% to $4.08 billion.

peng bo club’s statistics show that Mr Ma’s current personal worth $3.4 billion dollars. Ma and other 17 people hand in hand in 1999 founded the alibaba, as China’s enterprise network market. As the economic liberalisation that promote the prosperity and development of the manufacturing and trading in China, alibaba’s business started growing. Alibaba group has more than 24000 employees, and an increase in cloud computing, online payment and consumer auction business.

CEO convert

Mr. Lu joined alibaba in 2000, this year on May 10, President of alibaba group chief executive. After took over in 2010, taobao, Mr. Lu is the only alibaba group have a regulation of group experienced executives all important assets. Mr. Lu had to build the alibaba group, the south sales team, and created the alipay online payment business.

shenyin wanguo securities analyst Jim in Shanghai Tang Tang (Jim), said after helping create taobao alipay and management, Mr. Lu has the right background at the helm of alibaba group.

source: tencent technology