It’s not popular with the market, but Microsoft will continue to push hard Surface RT at any cost

hunting cloud network reported on August 5

according to Microsoft Q2 results show that Surface RT poor market performance, brought up as much as $900 million in losses to Microsoft. In spite of this, Microsoft has never slow down the steps of the product, whether it is at first in view of the “public price” school, or to quickly clear stocks later jumped to his big sale. We can not help but ask: Microsoft should continue to hold Surface RT this hot potato?

Microsoft say clear?

Serface RT is a new member of the family, Microsoft is different from other Microsoft hardware equipment, the use of this tablet is based on ARM processor, and the built-in Windows RT system is different from Windows 8. In Microsoft’s point of view, such an independent product development, it is very necessary. Microsoft vice President, said Michael Angelo (Michael Angiulo) ARM and corresponding Windows RT system, will let Microsoft can in the field with the apple tablet device.

not only such, Angelo for Microsoft’s Metro design style and Windows Store is full of confidence. Microsoft thinks these two features, will let users enjoy the coherent, free and beautiful experience. Buy SurfaceRT users can in the Windows Store, choose and download favorite applications, and don’t have to worry about privacy, junk software and virus. Metro large color piece, flat style will let users experience the beautiful, concise visual enjoyment. However, all of the above advantages, in my opinion is Microsoft’s wishful thinking. It the so-called freedom is not without condition, as gatekeepers of Windows Store, only in accordance with the application of Microsoft’s own style to have the opportunity to meet with the public.

a few weeks ago, Microsoft Surface department general manager Brian Hall (Brian Hall) repeatedly stressed that Microsoft will spare no effort to promote the Surface RT and Windows RT development promotion of the operating system. Please pay attention to his statement, Microsoft will continue to push forward, in the above two aspects to promote at any cost.

Microsoft suggests?

once broke out in the PC era and simplified instruction set, now has continued into the mobile Internet era. In Microsoft’s point of view, on the one hand, in order to maintain their advantage in the field of PC, it still want to cooperate with Intel; On the other hand, in the process of mobile intelligent device to constant transformation, seem to have to rely on the ARM architecture. Dual strategy of Microsoft, was understandable, however, when a new generation of Intel processors (Atom, Haswell) with lower energy consumption, higher performance of state after the advent of Microsoft products independently and system based on ARM did it mean?

for a long time, compatible with the existing Windows applications are one of the advantages of Windows 8 equipment. But the advent of a new wave of technology wave, the performance of the mobile intelligent device display will greatly improve. Especially higher screen resolution, let the 7 inch tablet is no longer suitable for the size of running on a desktop application.

in addition, the lack of rich applications has been plagued Microsoft mobile intelligent device development at the core of the problem. Although Microsoft has been committed to attract developers to work, but it’s still fragile ecological system based on Windows RT system.

Microsoft did not say what?

the same framework based on ARM, is also the Windows operating system, Microsoft’s future integration between different mobile products will become a trend. WP and Surface RT (Surface Pro) has become blurred, boundaries of the difference between different operating system for the advent of the era of mobile Internet and blend with each other. So far, mobile, cross-platform has become the Microsoft of transition point.