IT is the death of the salesman

abstract: the enterprise user has begun to change IT equipment and service way of purchasing. But the traditional large company still fails to change ideas keep up with the trend, EMC, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and VMware should produce a sense of crisis, such as IT salesman will be the death of the type of work.


the traditional enterprise IT sales scenario is this: the big company’s sales personnel to flick a 6 bits or 7 digits. This is their company to provide software licensing, fees charged by the server and the network connection. Then the following 9 months, the company send people to come over to the installation and debugging. Most of the time just walk a pro, especially software licensing, many corporate users have installed an internal unauthorized software, buy just for the sake of the legitimate use.

but the buyer must have to go this cut, on the one hand, has always been the practice, on the other hand is because only in this way to use the software to be legal. The seller the buyer sales model of inequality has existed for a long time, but the future is likely to come to an end. More and more companies began to use such as amazon AWS such public cloud services, this mode of software as a service saves debugging costs and the cost of the software update.

try to buy

more and more companies – not just a startup company, understand the software to try and buy. They want to download software, use the try is operable, using good ready to be deployed throughout the company, make a phone call to IT service provider that is great.

a specialized investment in Internet infrastructure startup Sunil Dhaliwal tells a reporter, at present in the IT change is in the field of service marketing. This change will threaten the traditional IT business. This change of the pattern changes a bigger threat than technology. The core of the change is: the enterprise can’t stand without position as a buyer of the status quo.

buyer status began to rise

North vc (North Bridge Venture) partner Paul Santinelli also agree with this view. Many companies are no longer large software installation. They prefer to try some New services, file storage sharing with cloud services Box , identity management, use the Okta . You only need to download them, after trial, buy premium version is good, do not need to meet any IT sales staff of the enterprise.

IT procurement staff internal have a generation gap. A new generation of more willing to download the trial, and then let the each department to decide whether to upgrade to buy a certain product.

this transformation takes time. And now some large IT sales enterprise is not a fool, they do not want to see this happen, but subject to the system, they cannot fast to make corresponding measures. They are not aware of what is the problem. EMC is realized. But that is in keeping with Clayton christensen in “the innovator’s dilemma: big companies facing breakthrough technology caused the failure of” described: all these big companies need to make a nice quarter report, of course not to cut sales team. EMC is a very good factory “talent” : can the football players training into well-paid IT of sales staff members. But only just.

exception gradually into the new rules

why there are some buyers reaction also change? Because in their field, reliable, the value of the fixed was highly commended. In the financial services industry, for example, they have to make a pair of your all products use recently and the most reliable technology to win the trust of customers. This explains why many Banks also spend large sum of money to use red hat Linux enterprise edition, not CentOS . Although a lot of people think no essential difference between both.

vendors are adept at using this kind of psychological to play tricks. A bank in New york VP tells a reporter: and oracle suppliers “to you all permissions allow you to use their software, then sent or threatened to send someone to review, and force you to pay full money, let you have to sign the enterprise software license agreement.” Obviously he is angry about this situation.

although guild regulations is such, but will change. Enterprise procurement staff had enough of this model, they are willing to take a chance.

Santinelli and Dhaliwal explains: “ it (open protocol) why so much attention? Because it can become /VMware vCloud alternatives, the enterprise users now don’t want to see VCloud into Microsoft CAL authorization that exist.”

Microsoft’s notorious in using software access authorization. They often use the price of cheap or free provide products, such as business users use habits, sudden price rises to authorization. This is exactly what enterprise users the most sales activity.

Santinelli said, financial services companies were now locked at Oracle and its sales staff in the trap. They are buying products from the suit oracle sales representative. But for the sales representative of service technicians are leaving entrepreneurship to change the industry, Hadoop, Couchbase such companies are working to develop more simple service, or the cloud of the virtual machine. Is these startups will in the next five to seven years replace IT salesman. By that time, the enterprise users to buy the software, computing and storage space, just like now to buy electricity. You don’t have to deal with power stations, as you bought, but can use. Then, once glossy IT sales staff will be the death of the type of work.

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