Is it possible to be free of DIY mobile phone? MOTOROLA said: “I want to try

MOTOROLA today released a program called “open source” creative projects, the project is intended to explore the development direction of mobile phone hardware manufacturing, like Android custom software to personalized, modular customized mobile hardware.

to MOTOROLA plans to build a platform, to support a third-party company to provide mobile phone components — in other words, the purpose of MOTOROLA is: users can like assembling PC host after assembling mobile phones, want to upgrade your phone you don’t need to buy a new mobile phone, but follow the choose and buy some components from different manufacturers, such as screen or processor, come back to replace it.

MOTOROLA will cooperate and project. Phoneblocks is an open source project, same before smart phones is put forward to the idea of modularization, the plan by the media as “ambitious and unrealistic”.

the MOTOROLA to join in, to give this project brings new hope.

the platform of the MOTOROLA is not aimed at consumers, but for manufacturers, hopes to force global manufacturers of electronic components, to discuss how to mobile phone components modular, and do it can let the user group assembly of choose and buy. The project’s biggest difficulties is that support components manufacturers, and modular drive, hard and soft layer combination problem.

the picture below is MOTOROLA proposed concept, each of them can be individually removed replacement:

components makers do not actively respond to the project?

it is hard to, key components of the mobile phone production chain control in the hands of a few companies, whether it is CPU (Soc) or screen, are several core manufacturer dominant market. Combined with the complexity and integration of hardware and software, and the mobile phone is far more than a laptop. Let alone a phone needs to consider the design of system, in order to realize as thin as possible and is suitable for grip.

the DIY more popular desktop host only, even laptop modular products haven’t been able to achieve enough, DIY, let alone a mobile phone.

MOTOROLA is the significance of this exploration, however, for geeks and small manufacturers a new chance to try. And try to natural to have success, also had failed.