IPO, acquisition of mobile advertising agency MoPub Twitter3.5 million dollars

according to foreign media reports, Twitter a 3.5 $stock price, buy mobile mobile advertising agency MoPub.

MoPub is a startup company dealing in mobile advertising service. In addition to purchasing service for advertisers to provide advertising, it can also provide advertising effectiveness analysis and a series of advertising solutions. For the IPO of Twitter , which will surely strengthen its original advertising platform ( Promoted Tweets).

after the Twitter . The move is also considered Twitter improve data processing ability, and further attract brand advertisers to another step.

MoPub about 100 employee, the company is located in San Francisco. In the previous two rounds of financing, MoPub received 1850 million dollars. The company in the 5 month had announced that its monthly income broke through the 1000 million dollars the MoPub the related technology will be used for Twitter real-time bidding platform construction.

buy MoPub to Twitter it is of great significance. Although the company wants to develop, to demand advertisement to liquidate the way, but the premise is must ensure that the user’s good experience. Accurate advertising will no doubt make “necessary evil” become more easy to accept. In addition, the accurate advertising will also promote the spread of the effect. In this regard, MoPub the company’s series of advertising technology, solution, it is Twitter need.

according to market research firm eMarketer after, according to the forecast published Twitter2013 years of mobile advertising revenue will reach 308.9 1 $. The 2014 years, this figure will increase to 551 1 $.

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