IPhone 5 s fingerprint identification function: mysterious silver circle around the home page button

this weekend, many foreign media exposure of science and technology a new generation of iPhone packaging photos. In the picture in the iPhone phone home page around the key, there is a silver of the mysterious circle. Professional analysis, it has both may be had been rumors of fingerprint recognition.

the fox news anchor in the last month to accept an interview, also pointed out that the mysterious circle is a New generation of iPhone attached fingerprint identification function.

in addition, last week revealed a great god also revealed a number of zhang on the website named the iPhone 5 s . In the photos can be found around the home button has a metal parts. Dickson think it is iPhone5S the fingerprint recognition.

it is reported, Beijing time) 9 on 11 day of a New generation of iPhone conference will be officially kicked off. All the speculation may only be until that moment.

a pictured above from Ctech