IOS 7 Beta 4 fingerprint recognition technology in the code

since last year, after acquisition of mobile security company for the industry is rife that apple will launch in the coming new equipment fingerprint recognition technology. Although there is no evidence to support, in the media, the fingerprint recognition, will be the iPhone killer application of 5 s.

and foreign science and technology media MacRumors yesterday revealed that in apple’s latest, found the code contains a fingerprint identification technology.

the media pointed out that there’s someone on the org.eclipse.swt.accessibility code package, found a new code called “BiometricKitUI” program. Some of the string involving the iPhone fingerprint sensor technology using method. The following are the related strings:

, a single handset, thumbs touch Home button

, single handsets, right thumb touching Home button

, fingerprint identification process, the color will change

, identification process will be completed in the form of percentage to remind the user whether

although users and the market for apple’s latest long-awaited fingerprint identification technology, but some media said that due to new features such as fingerprint recognition technology will take huge time and energy, which may cause the iPhone 5 s equipment supply tense situation.