Inventory: the IT company executives of tens of millions of dollars annual salary

at the beginning of this month, lenovo Yang yuanqing announced it would pay twenty million yuan reward employees , this news cause social widespread debate. “Spectators” on the one hand suddenly tongue in Yang yuanqing as much as 1460 $salary, on the one hand, accuses Mr Yang of the show.

as one of the world’s famous IT business , Yang yuanqing 2012 annual salary is too high? We might as well in the global well-known IT in a lateral comparison.


69 – year – old oracle larry ellison 2012 annual salary total 9620 million dollars.

allison first single was as high as in equity awards a 9070 million dollars. In addition, he also enjoys 390 $bonus and 1 $salary, the company also paid for 150 as ellison residential security spending.

ellison last year’s income and 2011 , 7750 $income compared to improve the 21% .

2 and

Jia Ke cloth last year salary for 2070 $, and 2011 earnings compared to reduce the 5% . But 12 qualcomm’s revenues and profits rise instead.

Jia Ke cloth salary 120 $ 340 bonuses, 1500 than equity incentive and the 110 all allowances and other forms of subsidy.

3 striking (Ginny Rometty) , President and chairman of

This year it was striking in a in the first year salary, luo combined 1620 million dollars. The revenue was twice as her previous job salary.

but his predecessors salary than up less than half of its level. her salary including 150 $ 390 $bonus, 930 than equity income and 150 $other subsidies

4 Michael dell dell and


2012 to 1610 million dollars.

for dell’s stock and option awards up to 1180 $, dell’s salary in the 2012 years is rising up nearly fourfold. Dell’s income also enclosed 98 $salary, 330 $bonus, as well as the 1412 $subsidies.

five Meg Whitman, HP CEP and President