Inventory: the company after 2520, what will bring in “feast”?

golden autumn in October, uniform reforming of nokia as we presented a lot of joy. A flagship phones, nokia’s first Windows RT 10.1 -inch tablets, a domestic smartphone for low-end market, of course, has been popular. However, in this the Air, the Nexus of 5 a wave after launch, recently the media that nokia will be launching a 8 inch tablet early next year.

we can not help but ask, after the company 2520, in will also bring loyal fans who worth looking forward to the new product?

8 inches the company flat?

recently, revealed a great god in his Twitter, points out that nokia will be early next year to highlight a 8 inch size of the company tablet. It is reported, this tablet products, code-named “the Illusionist” (visionary or magician) tablets will pick up the latest Windows RT 8.1 operating system and a processor from qualcomm. , these people said although the device from the appearance and the company 2520 difference is not big, but 8 inch screen is the most prominent difference. Given that Microsoft will be completed in the spring of 2014 to nokia’s acquisition, the device may also can be regarded as a Microsoft to the transformation of the “small screen” hint. Had the media revealed that Microsoft will early next year to launch a “Surface mini” called 7.5 inches (or miniature Surface) tablets.

929: the company is a nokia “flagship”

earlier, the media exposure of the company 929 mobile spy and configuration. It is reported, this device will be after the company 1520, nokia launched one of the top with “cell phone. The media exposure of the company’s specific parameters are as follows:

5 “AMOLED screen, 1080 p resolution;

2.2 Ghz qualcomm quad-core Xiao dragon 800 processor;

2 gb of RAM, 32 gb of storage space (it was not clear whether the 64 gb version);

20 million pixels pure camera, dual LED flash.

525, the company uphold good strategy of the company 520 low-end

Adduplex market research company, points out that nokia can reach 8.8 million sales performance, to a large extent depends on the. It is understood that the company is the most popular in the WP 520 phones, market share of 23% (WP).

pricing and positioning is similar to the company 520 of the company 520 is likely to continue the good market movements. The mobile phone of the low-end market will pick up qualcomm dual-core processor, 1 gb of RAM, 5 million megapixel camera.

the company smart watches?

at the moment we aren’t sure whether there is the device, but recently the media about once again aroused the attention of people.

war was kicked off by wearable devices, nokia also after a takeover by Microsoft is likely to become a Microsoft smart watch manufacturer.