Inventory Internet giant block that something

today and you cloud network readers about hunting ban that something! Cloud network hunting small make up say first set:

yesterday, jingdong internal email, according to the requirements in order to protect the company’s information security, all employees in the communication business, can only choose easy letter as the only mobile instant messaging tool, not allowed to use other mobile communication tool. This is the first enterprise open to challenge micro letter.

that is to say, jingdong banned WeChat. Jingdong said because of security issues, but the industry is generally believed that this is jingdong kill two birds with one stone, it is the court of public opinion against WeChat, because strong WeChat are cut into electricity. 2 it is to drive the cow the hills against its Yi Xun.

tell hunting cloud network executives, actually kill more than jingdong a micro letter, alibaba has told staff, communication with ali wangwang.

in short, there will be a purpose behind block. Cloud network hunting small make up a brief combing famous block event in the history of the Internet.

taobao blocked baidu

time: 2008

since 2008, taobao shielding baidu search for more than five years. That time, taobao has with “illegal businessmen use bidding, search optimization means diddle consumer trust”, completely blocked baidu search on taobao total index.

at the time, baidu has ah pose and taobao duel, taobao shielding baidu has firmly around the internal flow from baidu intercepting, grasp the initiative. So far, in taobao robots file also explicitly refused to baidu search engine crawl. “History has shown, ali shielding baidu is correct.” Every guest, vice President, xiao-hui xu, a judgment.

netease kill tencent

time: March 2010

in March 2010, QQ email announcement, said that due to the netease shut down corresponding services, will not be able to continue to provide support for the POP3 netease mail to send and receive. According to the sign, QQ mail can’t normal collection of netease mail for the user (@ 163. com. @ 126. com email, because recently netease mail only supports POP3 receiving personal mail client, and gradually cancel batch POP3 receiving support third-party servers.

netease inbox block QQ intentions obvious.

tencent kill 360

time: November 2010

this is a famous 3 q war history.

tencent selection in two or three lines and other cities to promote lower QQ doctor security software, QQ doctor quickly occupied the domestic computer around one hundred million units, market share of nearly 40%. Under the strong promotion, 360 soon realized that the threat of QQ doctor, said to some 360 employees in the vacation was called back to cope with the threat from tencent. “From September 27, 360 security guards” launched “360 privacy protector” to start, and October 29th launch “QQ bodyguards,” hit the tencent pain everywhere. On November 3, tencent said in a news release to the users, will be equipped with 360 software stop running QQ on the computer software.

then, jinshan, cattle, circles, sogou, baidu five big company announced that since 360 the company has many lies, five big players client software will no longer compatible with the 360 series software.

tencent block blue port game

time: 2011

the blue port online, chairman and CEO wang feng said on September 15, 2011 at noon received tencent entertainment business each department issued a “blocked”, because the blue port of new 3 d game “mercenary the world” because products compete with tencent games, can not continue the tencent platform on the rich media advertising (All in One), request cancel advertising blue port. Wang feng immediately questioned, said the blue port online advertising the tencent platform for a long time, in the four years to tencent contributed a lot of advertising revenue, but in “mercenary the world” on the first day of the conference ended, the product into the open beta such an awkward time points from tencent “blocked”.

for tencent such practices, Mr Wang said “some anger,” he wrote on twitter: “as long on the tencent’s advertisers, we blue port over four years for tencent contributed a lot of revenue, while tencent at such a time node gave me such a big surprise. Why such a high income, say to want to sincerely “open to the industry” tencent hold a 3 d game? An injustice, reorientations inclusive, what makes you talk open?”

big kill tencent

time: March 2012

in March 2013, shanda group issued a notice: grand group, a total ban on Friday tencent products in internal operation, such as, because of work need to use tencent related products, you must apply for and process by internal IT services and access to only a month. More than a month still need to use tencent’s product, you must apply for alone for tencent office computer software. The prohibit operation of products, not only contains the client product such as QQ, TM, but also contains the tencent weibo and other WEB products.

big kill tencent is a high-profile thoroughly, is the first domestic ban tencent products company.

baidu kill 360 browser

time: January 2013

“phoenix nest” is the company’s internal search advertising management system, all the advertisers and agencies on baidu to login the system. In January 2013, “phoenix nest” users find if your computer browser installed 360, has been unable to login “phoenix nest” system, the system will prompt the user to use other manufacturers to launch a web browser.

baidu has confirmed that the recent did to “phoenix nest” system safety strategy to upgrade. Explains that baidu baidu “phoenix nest” customer management system involving baidu agents and business customers a lot of money and business information, in the aspect of information security protection requirements is extremely high, and the browser if the irresponsible developers to use, easy to cause leakage of customer information and other business data.

kill ali tencent

time: August 2013

in early August this year, alibaba issued a circular, cut off all sources of micro letter from data interface. Ali said in a statement, recently found that some sellers use micro letter harassment marketing application users, the serious influence consumers’ feelings, even some will lead the transaction process taobao sellers use application secure payment system, make consumers face a potential transaction risk, in order to ensure the users taobao consumers feeling and control the trading risk, temporarily stop the application in the service market of associated with micro letter ordering. At the same time, we also see, WeChat team also recently introduced some on taobao goods and taobao sellers on WeChat marketing restrictions, in order to protect the WeChat users feel, this with our appeal to protect the safety of the user experience and is the same.

then taobao blocked the qr code (WeChat is one of the important channels of qr code). Taobao issued the statement of the advertising message (qr code form) management regulations, since Aug. 9 new qr code image contains outer chain have been unable to use, taobao, the picture that already sent contains outer qr code will be on September 9 gradually to freeze over. But on September 9, taobao will for every product containing qr code based on the information of spamming deducted from 0. 2 points, shops and other page four points deducted by spam message every time.