Introduction of user evaluation + update cycle extended, this is apple new brush App list

apple may be trying to change its iTunes app store ranking algorithms, application in the application of the apple store ranking score and some other new factors are taken into account. At present it is unclear how these changes can bring revolutionary change to the application list, or only belongs to the nature of the test. However, these changes will lead to many applications in the rankings have rise and fall, no matter whether these applications on the downloads have change.

started with Boston Fiksu is a predominantly application sales business start-ups. At the end of July, the company first to detect the change trend of apple’s app store, they noticed that there are some of the applications of rated four stars or above in the rankings suddenly has a lot to improve, and the whole of August has been maintained. At the same time, the score is less than a drop in the application of the three stars in the rankings, and there is no rebound, even downloads keep stable. Score at medium levels of three or four star application is not affected.

prior to that, as mentioned in the report, apple and app store downloads and speed as a ranking decision application of two main factors, and now the user for evaluation will affect the application.

there are some signs that the latest version of the application on its rank to the old version is greater than ever before. An application such as publishers have a evaluation is always good, the application of the top, but later released upgrade patches unpopular, attracted a lot of negative evaluation, in this case the application ranking decline is larger than in the past, publisher of force application careful adjustment strategy.

Fiksu company found another significant change is the application of the update cycle. In the past, apple’s app store will be updated every 15 minutes, let the developers to focus on its products. And the recent user every three hours to see application updates.

this change can be more effective to prevent developers use automated methods to manipulate the list of app store. List update cycle and the extension of time to handle the download may give apple flow excursion, according to explain Fiksu company, this download flow excursion is often to automatically download and other downloads to search for bad method. In theory, the extension of the replacement cycle time to can give apple in download mode recognition of these abnormal behavior, in order to prevent the ascension download flow by irregular transactions, and human ascension rankings for application.

it is worth mentioning that the updating cycle of almost to the ranking of change at the same time, a top social class called Glide applications list, in all application ranking is high on 16th, although there are a lot of users are reporting that received the application for downloads of spam, this method has are not new in the now. (Glide in the application’s user interface to invite contacts to use as the default check item, users need to remove the tick, moreover also USES some similar methods, let the user feel surprised or even angry.)

this crooked ways of the application of bolt are in terms of climbing, Glide by no means the only, the algorithm can make a new change to a certain extent, prevent this way again. Once angry users in the app store give negative evaluation and the application of such a star rating, the new algorithm could apply the directly from outside of the top 20. Fiksu company said that it is unable to proved the existing evaluation (number or effectiveness) will be taken into account, but taking into account is also reasonable.

according to the application of excavation and marketing services Appsfire Ouriel Ohayon’s chief executive, said some application developers also noted that apple is the refund into consideration, and it also tell the difference between calculated free game earnings figures. He also noticed the change of the profit list, in particular the Pandora and Rdio rankings have greatly increased (currently the Pandora is located in the top).

however, Ohayon also warn that this change does not mean that apple has control charts can completely prevent the application of publishers. He added, “a lot of tricks on score also widespread, ranking ascension is still can be realized through various advertising network, even if we update cycle has been extended to three hours.”

at the same time, compared with the application list, MobileDevHQ our company more closely to the search results, the company’s chief executive Ian Sefferman, said he has noticed the recent application of search some changes. Search on the iPhone applications, compared with using the search results will be different. Combining Fisku company data, which suggests that the company is on the whole improvement application, rather than just on the application of ranking for fine-tuning.

is generally true, as SearchMan company Niren Hiro, said they have been looking at the United States and Japan’s developers singleton, which said the new user participation factor (use time, open the number of the next day, open the number of times in the future, etc.) also has more and more influence on the classification ranking, on August 5, this change will be extended to all over the world.

just like before the algorithm of apple’s app store innovation, policy makers. The developers will use a variety of new tricks, to prevent them from falling from the top of the application of, the company will continue to deal with. On that score, it seems that developers can use third-party tools to transfer the user leave bad review, only leave positive comments on the app store.

simple singleton, the report is not enough to track user participation will lead to great change. If the user participation can become a factor in the rankings, these attempts to control the trick was ranked in the shade. By that time, in the list to rise the best way is to improve the quality of the application, this originally is orthodox.

source: tencent technology