Internet writers: I am willing to take refuge in baidu starting point shady te


it is written in this article the author liu is a network writer, feedback from their side, Internet writers on baidu how cool the benefits of very tempted, but also remind baidu how cool, don’t make the starting point of “shady” mistakes.

the author: shake willow

some time ago, the starting point to make a departure, and in this April, and began to high-profile must dig a great god, baidu how cool literature network will be launched at the end of the PC.


if a simple look, a lot of reader thought aspect is in the old, a great god. In fact no matter he didn’t dig to dig into. He is successful in simple obstructionism. Dig in, I am happy, vertical and horizontal readers happy, came to the resources to let people enjoy and consumption. Can’t dig, explain what, can only explain a bit, starting point and great god to their own prices. Don’t dig to I am sick to you is be not.

say that baidu how cool network literature. I have been looking at this while baidu how cool literature network message. Start I’m drawn to the slogan of this site a bit into it. Baidu is cool to officially start for his literary network hype the start of the time is the end of march.

he played slogan is: “absolutely not to collect wild silkworm potatoes a line such as the great god writer, only take two line three line writer. This slogan is seductive, no doubt, instant hit the soft rib of most network writer, a great god is basically under the pressure of new breath, new difficult s surely everyone knows.

after baidu how cool literature network news, a crush writers, almost nine over ten of network benefits don’t say the (full channel, a third party, reading base are 2:8, wireless paid out the bill after the mat endowment, don’t have to wait for 6 months), at least keep the experience of darkness. Because baidu how cool literature network at least now word of mouth is very good. But don’t know he was going to be the starting point to make mistake in the future.

as for the above mentioned shady, author’s new book, a list of the public the list of new books, recommended list, click on the list, the list of almost all brush data can take money, can buy, can be black. Each reader can go to taobao search “starting point click recommended” six words, I understand. Starting point of editing a book signing is not see you write is good, one day they want to browse through hundreds of books, new books are generally not glance, most of the time they are all the data. And a new book, if the data is good enough, such as VIP collection, click more, even if the book again, also can sign up. Family company, after all, is to make money, a book if there are ten thousand VIP hidden, so this book again, also can sign up, will be recommended on the list. And those data, most are purchased.

for baidu this action I can say clearly, starting point and cool over the next three years will be an uphill battle. What is the network literature, cultural industry, it is not how much money you invest, how much traffic, or out of a few great god will OK. First need a time process, generally at least two years to the results, but baidu how cool literature network this time may be faster to see good one million head.

why? Baidu money, I don’t dig your great god, and two or three lines, writer I can dig it. My welfare than hello, I’m stronger than you, excuse me, when the time comes you will depend on a few great god walked with your website?

source: sohu IT