Internet users experience the SONY and nokia

the author: arsenic comments (public number: ShenPL)

I’m sorry, last week made lazy, always busy in the jingdong from Formosa fine last minute auction, want to wait until the last minute bid for a cheap SONY mobile phone, the auction also pretty pit dad. Just say this: absolute someone at the last minute to bid up the price go up, there are always those models and then round round to. Finally today small arsenic gritting his teeth, hold to eat steamed bread is a month of cold water to bid, the pop-up dialog box was informed that: lack of integral can not participate in the auction, nima this is kidding me?

today want to say is that nokia and SONY, this is the two small arsenic has been very like mobile phone brand. Many people may ask, why little arsenic like SONY mobile phone? Frankly, SONY hardware configuration is better than samsung, do manual work is to hit as nokia, pictures and so on system optimization as millet, the price is for Japanese companies always die you die your style, so say almost have no advantages, but little arsenic still like. The above basic also can be used as the template, write a nokia need to work to hit a switch to industrial design, Japanese firms to convert into the enterprise.

small arsenic not to sing praises for nokia and SONY, nokia now, after all, the river’s lake status has not really, in which there are many reasons for this, you who have had a wonderful analysis, small arsenic will no longer say more. Small arsenic was fun to see, however, nokia and SONY have action as soon as possible after it is harvested in response is often very similar: “alas, still won’t do…… “I don’t know the chorus bad-mouthing nokia and SONY, have experienced the two products? Not necessarily, bad-mouthing is easy, find some cold heap data, then fierce secretly said: “if the two bosses can listen to me!”

frankly, this response small arsenic has been issued, the SONY what to push out the 6.6 inch giant screens, apparently the screen now play the spell is too much. But this bird products in rumors, and even if it does, it’s not SONY’s flagship product. Because like the company has become synonymous with nokia phones, Xperia series also become synonymous with the SONY mobile phone, this is the main force, so the arsenic is also with a sigh.

for doing products, pure Numbers piled up, may is not very accurate, who remember the expert said that only a fool would buy personal computers, also said that Google will collapse, it is also a small arsenic has been popular for years of bad-mouthing nokia does not catch a cold wind.

despite the macro things not to say, today I, from the perspective of the subjective experience, you can think about it, if arsenic is a very good product, it will for the first time the user contact catch the eyes of the user, and then through the man-machine interaction, realize dialogue with users, the user’s heart. Finally make users feel not to leave, flatly buy go, this is the experience.

nokia and SONY mobile phones have this ability? The arsenic is willing to share your own experience.


the company (commonly known as lu sister) and SONY’s Xperia , the arsenic is used, which played the Lumia920 , Lumia900 is others, small arsenic used to play for a while, but SONY is small arsenic used for a long time, although most of the time used to when the standby machine, but experience without jeopardizing sound so bad. Today I don’t do the virtual head of the brain, but to share small arsenic own experience, so called pure director stick, no professional content. Being) used for a long time SONY mobile, therefore said SONY first.

was low arsenic has used the mobile phone SONY, SONY’s industrial design which no one can, this advantage is small arsenic has always wanted to change a single-screen version of the important reasons. In addition, the work although couldn’t catch up with nokia that can hit play, but experienced a fall after several basic unscathed, is really good quality too. If we pay attention to the details, such as borders, thickness, heat dissipation can found general configuration is high SONY cell phones design and coordination to the point of almost perfect workmanship, involuntary exclamation, is after all the established companies for many years!

it also needs to coordinate? Sorry, this is true. Any the birth of a mobile phone is a game between design and workmanship, coordinate with each other, and finally the process of mutual compromise. If I were a designer for a mobile phone companies, I would say, put this stuff design with SONY a standard! And then put a newbest chips and configuration are in! The production team is responsible for the work will simply great anger: you when I was a god? ! This design framework, how to realize the function of the hardware balabala … And then change the design, production test, quarrel, then the process is repeated again and again, finally get to shape.

and advantages, are routinely mention shortcomings. For small arsenic, SONY and nokia’s biggest drawback is te expensive! The problem is purely personal few said. In terms of system experience, basic is native android, CPU and memory enough to play games, but, after all, less human basic call to send text messages, occasionally play wild motorcycle racing, gameloft development, sixth edition is best, don’t the version of the seven. Pictures in colour respect is very good, but the exposure, white balance and such and such a mess, as SONY mobile phone didn’t inherit the SONY camera technology accumulation, is absolutely waste as much as 1200 megapixel camera.

if you pay attention to the small arsenic is not very use mobile phones to play with high-performance computing professionals, in terms of personal experience, SONY mobile phones are not perfect, but as a small arsenic standby machine also suffice, photographs, after all, the Internet kind of function, the arsenic another phone. On the action of market, SONY mobile phone really hard to have leverage China market strategy, from the pricing system, to the sales channel, to marketing is questionable, this problem is a little big, I today is subjective experience pure chat, so don’t say this first.

as for nokia the company , previous generations don’t zha drops, do not zha drops, such as Lumia900 , have some small arsenic turn-on, wait until the Lumia920 comes at a time when the small arsenic had fondle admiringly. Ask about the price, after panic struck returned the phone to the Gao Shuai rich, nima! ~ ~ ~ nokia, I will wait for your price.

for this kind of mobile phone experience is not many, so to say. But in its appearance design and hit levels of the work, is almost perfect. Of course a lot of people would say: I bought a mobile phone is not in order to hit… The be fond of of each person is different, I don’t return!

sina yesterday and how to write an article well, nokia almost to help support the Microsoft smartphone strategy, especially the company account for all the products of 85% . Nokia in WP to begin to see in the field of returns, the past few quarter, nokia’s core business the company shipments respectively 290 , 440 , 560 , 740 , presents the obvious rising trend, even among the quarterly sales of tens of millions of club again, also is not impossible, nokia relies on the company elephant recovery is just around the corner. Crucially, each the company 198 206 $, somebody else can make money, this number seems to be in allusion in the android camp under several large shipments of guy: you sell so many mobile phone, have Mao Yong?

but 4100 mega pixels camera dare not flatter really, this is not a nokia the company the assassin’s mace. Really encourage people to buy