Internet radio station Pandora will becoming ‘earnings

as a leader in Internet radio services, Pandora station at present has not yet entered the stage of profit, but its operating status quo for now is good. Although analysts forecast for the third quarter results disappointed, Pandora the second quarter of this year report is fully shows its strong growth in earnings today.

Pandora published adjusted earnings per share 4 cents, the total revenue of 15740 $, far more than experts had previously on the company’s estimate of the second quarter. However the situation facing the development of Pandora is not perfect. Next quarter’s earnings to analyze experts disappointment. Pandora in the third quarter is expected earnings of between 3 to 6 cents per share, sales revenue will be 17400 – 179 million. While analysts expected earnings per share cents, total profits $1707 and $00000.

anyway, Pandora its annual income index. Company said annual earnings per share will be in 2 cents losses to cents earnings between. The Pandora expected the company’s annual profit and loss are flat or winning a share 5 cents earnings.

At the beginning of

, Pandora once again to apply for to reduce music royalties. Pandora in the puzzle of “high cost” music copyright has up to one year. But musicians don’t agree with “for the Pandora overcharging “and other Internet media, and said that Pandora’s statement and its earnings performance contradict each other. Their view, Pandora is making POTS overflowing and incredibly still cry poor. And Pandora’s latest earnings report is likely to be supporting musicians keep high royalties a basis.

Pandora report quarterly forecast earnings for 12850 $, rose 44% in the . The user’s listening time compared to the second quarter of last year rose 3.3 billion hours % 38.8 hundred hours.

investors to Pandora of prospects. Pandora the price is down 4.4% in after-hours trading to 20.75 $.