Internet financial channels start wars fought prick silk Grosvenor LTD handsome synchronization

the author: chunjian

balance treasure detonated bombs, financial circles in July, the spread of the Internet circles, fermentation. An Internet financial their channel wars have been fought.

this momentum of shares the latest topic is brewing giant network push “full treasure” wealth management products, jingdong mall loan billions of supply chain finance, and to push the online payment in years. And as early as last year, the undercurrents already from Banks, fund companies, the first transmission to the capital markets: on the one hand, financial institutions have to speed up the transformation of channels, products, from do Internet concept of product packaging, to stimulate the eye of the capital market; , on the other hand accounting finance APP quickly become one of the channels of the standard of financial institutions to disintermediation, find the export for profit.

those familiar faces in recent intensive to uncover their “gold plating” dream: sina announced the opening of “bank”. Snowball is declared to finance “media everything” become the asset management company; More giant wealth tenpay also hinted to the world to do the ideas of “financial open platform”.

traditional financial institutions to open to eat “meals” Internet speed caused by a system, after all, not so fast, on the one hand they want to fully transition to products, services, operations and personnel also need to process; Return to the Internet, on the other hand, the law of the jungle, or run, don’t be giant catch; Either the survival of the fittest, dancing with giants in the “open ecological platform”.

on financial disintermediation, the trend of Internet financialization, traditional financial institutions and accounting finance APP saw the opportunity to run is synchronization.

Grosvenor LTD handsome “snaps” traditional products to personalized

the past lies in the big customer “counting money” Banks, fund companies, or because of the emergence of small loans, balance, ali felt a “sense of urgency” : gather as much less, suction Jin Jingxiang bacc the remit of the sea on the Internet platform to become a reality.

“you look at the balance Po, investment of 1900 yuan per capita, in the past the traditional financial institutions is don’t care (customers) like this.” Noah wealth (China) holding co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “Noah”) sessions, as the Internet the most thorough revolution counter attack the financial industry is the channel change.

that kind of rely on simple structure of financial management products, now rely on the Internet traffic can bring huge value-added effect, according to celestica fund official data, as of June 30, pay treasure to celestica fund in hand on the balance of treasure platform to launch day Hong ZengLi treasure to fund the customer number of 2.5156 million households, accumulative total subscription amount of 6.601 billion yuan, the cumulative purchase number 2.8691 million, the cumulative amount (mainly refers to use ZengLi shopping the share of the treasure to pay for) 1.204 billion yuan, the cumulative number 1.6444 million, the second and more than two times the number of active customers repeat sales for 579200, 2.5156 million worth holding amount is 1912.67 yuan.

“because it is the butterfly effect on traditional financial marketing channel from bottom to top, eventually the Internet finance will become a terminal, and form of fang.” Sessions said.

this “prick silk small profit earnings” by pay treasure to an amplifier, the worry most is that third party funds direct marketing channels. Silver rate to tencent network analyst NiuWen when it comes to science and technology, the Internet financial innovation to break the traditional pattern of fund sales, reduce reliance on bank fund company.

balance treasure because it is over, many fund managers are focusing on the “bottle new clothes”, will have the weak sales in recent years, the monetary fund packaged into “balance”, such as the Oriental wealth conveniently, introduced the recent “current” and “cash” to attract users attention.

“base gold company most need to do is to promote the fund net value of share, rather than a big effort to carve small design skills, no income, any innovation is pale.” NiuWen pointed out that the traditional financial institutions should be thinking now is that how the product design, from the perspective of the investor demand, sales channels to reduce procedure process and link, so as to reduce the procedure rate, to maximize the return on investment of investors.

network CEO Liu Yanna beneficial when it comes to the Internet financial products must comply with the three latitudes. “The first is safety, mobile client demand for security is higher than the web end; The second is simple and clear, convenient user operations, debris from the user’s time; The third is the design of the product itself should pay attention to the frequency of communication with the user, design personalized products.”

sessions where Noah wealth management do: the first is to service people. Unlike prick silk money to buy a “balance” money market fund products of that type of structure is simple. Noah face is to the asset allocation to the asset allocation, risk control, profitability, liquidity, security, etc. High net worth clients with specific needs.

was followed by customer demand product transformation. High net worth clients difficult. Just two years ago, the private bank’s VIP customers is not alone the APP or online consultation will be able to complete the subscription process. Two years change quickly, high net worth customers also use micro letter. Micro letter well satisfy the high net worth clients to illicit close sex of the mobile social demand.

“we originally had also made an APP, haven’t online is off. Because the user experience is not ideal, more the lack of interaction.” Sessions to tencent technology admitted that since last year and WeChat team contact, they quickly made adjustment on APP idea: what is high net worth population demand for APP.

“security, the privacy of individual functional service, especially the asset allocation and operation to reflect on the APP.” Sessions, APP environment is relatively closed, docking Noah the entire operating system, is a custom menu, information security of the database, technology of disaster preparedness, real-time dynamic information and the location service.

product features more suitable for lightweight micro letter, timely online services to customers, and online communication function. Imagine the scene, the customer need financial services may be in the venue, public places, WeChat functional menu service and online interaction is good to meet their requirements in a timely manner. “I very much agree with WeChat team, WeChat is not a marketing tool, but a lightweight core services.”

Noah to move the strategic vision is not complicated: after detail letter platform, as a customer service platform, 7 * 24 hours service for the customer; Dig APP functionality, high net worth allow users can easily query the income of their assets at any time, a selection of online product, and provide analysis report independently. Micro letter and tied up the APP and formation of Noah offline business, service the beneficial supplement.

liu yu now refer to the mobile Internet brings about the change of thinking, more from products as the center of consciousness into service as the center of consciousness. Made him the most was in a hurry now, I’m afraid circle hiring from the Internet. “Can to phoenix Mao Lin horns.” Sessions sighs, hiring from the Internet is not easy, it is harder to poaching from Internet financial company. Fortunately, his electric business innovation team have been equipped with the right people.

because of the system, the sharp sword “sense of urgency” of course not dropped down immediately. Now you can see, the central bank is to P2P, online payment, such as small micro credit Internet financial the multiple dimensions of a baseline survey, these signals are also urged the traditional financial institutions to speed up the transformation, only to fully transition to products, services, operations and personnel also need to process.

billing software that low-key wading financial services

Internet financial channel is the most natural of players, in addition to the traditional vertical financial portal, taobao financing channels, the newest, and financial management class APP such as lightweight.

this year in early June, accounting finance class APP to dig, tentatively in digging wealth community BBS preheating is about to launch a P2P wealth management products. Every day as long as the top 300 in the BBS user responses, can get the financial product invitation code, invitation code, users can buy 12% annualized returns, 100% fully guaranteed, and the products can be redeemable at any time. Invite code sent two days, sent a total of three rounds, was soon picked up.

users have such heat, dig wealth co-founder QuanYunFeng unanticipated. Originally just testing the waters with the cooperative partners recommended products and services, all of a sudden become a real market purchase. For this product is launched in July, when a few Numbers to QuanYunFeng stunned.

“is almost gone less than 10 minutes! A day!” QuanYunFeng to tencent technology to produce a set of back-end data show that after the product launch, the peak period of more than 200 people a day, slack period every day there are more than 50 people subscribe.

innovation, driven by the door needs to dig goods to realize that the APP as a financial product marketing channel has a congenital advantage. The whole July, dig money after received the demand some traditional financial institutions, and from early march began to gauge row fund services, also officially launched in a couple of weeks ago. Dig money on APP 5 fund products, P2P products relative to the beginning of July, the user on the fund continues the subscribe of crazy passion, users of traditional fund products cool down a lot.

investigate its reason, QuanYunFeng considered introducing a partner, not thoughtful. “Subscription fund products procedure is tedious, including docking bank entry too much, more user authentication steps, just at this point, will dispel the enthusiasm of some users. To implement the perfect APP, all need to process. Now with partners to optimize.”

to talk to them and questioned the voice of the market: this APP even fund sales qualifications all have no, so operation is illegal. Tencent technology understands, dig and pay treasure, the policy of illegal: dig money does not make a fund settlement system, risk control and so on the background, nor act as a fund investment consultant to promote role. Is only in their own APP to promote a handful of fund products. From a technical point of view, only the fund company website port embedded in their own API, act as the role of a bridge grafting. On the cooperation pattern, dig money has certain promotion fee.

“we have neither to BBS trumpeting fund services, rarely push financial product information online. Although the partners hope to go on our sales.” QuanYunFeng thinks, risks and benefits of financial product, different users cognitive would be different, if do a hard push, this is for the user is not responsible for. He hope or give option, option to users themselves more reliable.

and dig money have the same idea, and cattle. It by SMS, E-mail to parse the APP user credit card consumption, is brewing in collaboration with bank credit card center, the implementation chosen card, purchase service for the user. “Very many Banks find card cattle, but cattle card don’t want to push the client focus on the chosen card, card, this feature is not jump out.” Card bull run affairs vice President JiaoYiGang tell tencent technology.

JiaoYiGang reiterated card bull user pain points: information reconciliation, consumption control and reimbursement. “Now our product focus, is in the user education stage, many users can’t control the impulse of consumption, and bad tube their money. Only a small portion of the user’s purpose is clear: smart enough to get points, steady, fast payment.”

in order to meet with users and cerebral, card, now the users’ education work is the first, second is the chosen card, purchase of services. But JiaoYiGang does not deny that, together with the bank credit card business model: “third party sites with bank card, to the commission, the development in the age of the Internet has been very mature.”

a third-party fund company senior advisers argue that if the financial disintermediation is an armchair strategist, said last year is now possible in the short term to achieve this transformation. “Fund affected by the market downturn in recent years, sales growth, even via the Internet or APP channels to increase the sales way, meaning also is not very big.”

and return to the Internet to the law of the jungle, or run, not to be big catch; Either the survival of the fittest, dancing with giants in the “open ecological platform”.

cattle to tencent’s vice President of marketing JiaoYiGang technological said: “we will speed up and run as much as possible.” Dig wealth co-founder is talked about, it’s spring and autumn period, the Internet financial giants can’t do anything, they still have a chance to win. Network CEO Liu Yanna is beneficial to cooperate with giant with active attitude, he thinks that P2P is a very complex industry, involves each aspect online. Communion with a chain of enterprise, is the trend.

you can see, the Internet company is through the user experience, product design, development, operation service and the advantage of ecological system, gradually to the traditional financial sector infiltration. Perhaps the infiltration process will be very long, but it is China’s commercial digital and arguments.

source: tencent technology