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What Picture Have You of God?-Here is a Devotional to See God as Revealed in Scripture

We are ever asking ourselves what God is like. “Power and majesty”, this is what oftentimes comes to mind whenever most of us think of God. Nevertheless, there are times when the picture of God that we get is that of One coming to us in abject humility and total helplessness. In fact, it is seen in Scripture the story of Jesus, the Son of God, the express image of Divinity coming down to lead such a humble life despised by many and finally ending his sojourn by the shameful death of the cross.

The common belief running across the Christian faith and world is that Jesus is the express revelation of the Godhead. In the Bible, reading the lines in the gospel of John, we hear Jesus declare about himself that all that have seen Him have seen the Father, reading as taken in the book of John 14:26 b, and these affirm this belief in the Christian world. The writer of the book of Hebrews, which is as well an inspired writing for the Christian faith, declares that Jesus is the “exact imprint of God’s very nature” (Hebrews 1:3). The Old Testament even further ground this belief, as we see in the book of Isaiah the mention of “Emmanuel” which is said to mean “God with us” and these are in the seventh chapter and the 14th verse of the book of Isaiah and as well in the book of Matthew chapter 1:23.

The Christmas story gets us the story of God in a very different setting and stage altogether. This happens to be the case in the sense that you will see in a God, who is Spirit coming into the scene as a cell, an embryo that has to be totally dependent on its mother for its very essential existence. It then goes on and sets Jesus, the God of the universe, having his life as a newborn, having it to be taken from a manger. Jesus, the express image of God, leads a life in his earthly sojourn, with nowhere to lay his head, washing the feet of the disciples, despised and rejected by his own, and ending it all in the death of shame by the executioner’s hand. Jesus in all this leaves us nothing to guess anyway about what God is actually like.

When you see God in a manger you need not see a God who has left his divine attributes but this is just the very revelation of His Divinity to us. The God we see here is one who by His Divine nature will give Himself for others and will not hold back anything for selfish reasons, or a reason of any kind.

A 10-Point Plan for Bible (Without Being Overwhelmed)

A 10-Point Plan for Bible (Without Being Overwhelmed)