Intel’s new CEO settled: after the sound and the fury of the rational regression

the author: Wang Ruchen

this year on January 28, I was asserted that the next few weeks or Intel will replace the CEO. It seems that time early. Yesterday evening, giant Intel announced new CEO candidates found anneke will succeed Paul otellini.

I think, this is the giant of rational choice, is it in the sound and the fury of the excessive commercialization, return to the fundamental signal.

what is Intel’s fundamentals? That is, based on technology research and development, relying on manufacturing, driven by force of the upstream industry, return to the sustainable development state.

there are multiple signals back to confirm. The most intuitive or the personnel. Anne is a veteran, joining Intel in 1982, company was mobbed by Japan’s semiconductor industry is at that time. Found anneke after long-term responsible for plant operation, familiar with the research and development, technology and manufacturing. Last January, he promoted the COO and going on to view CEO candidates.

already sent another signal. In April last year, Intel announced that its CFO Andy? Bryant will take over the chairmanship. Many integration problem at that time, I said, Intel, it should hurry to restrain excessive commercialization tendency, strengthen technology, manufacturing, Bryant is an old “inteler”, more familiar with the crisis and the controls, can take some of the Intel go steady.

of course, since last year, the executive who, a lot of rumors. David perlmutter, renee? Even the CIO, James Kim Stevenson also is the right candidate. Giant has said it would consider external candidates. Public assertions, or outside in the field of mobile Internet will be airborne Intel.

however, 40 years of IDM mode as a semiconductor companies, need a more overall research and development, manufacture, platform of talents. The optional range is very narrow. Airborne too focus on short-term effects, mostly in strategic adjustment flag, some business integration, integration of capital prescriptions, man-made “change”, called “change”, to create your own buffer, mask can operate effectively. People cannot expect at any time, in the industry, any troops, is Mr Gerstner.

Paul otellini, expected to promote from within. Last year, after the announced his retirement plan, he said, are looking forward to insiders, external Mr “perfect” or “perfect lady need two years to find out the company culture and operations, Intel should not adventure.

the word “risk”, sounds and his words of warning. In the past 8 years, along with the evolution of industrial environment, Intel won high growth, brand influence reached an all-time high. However, the company’s products, organization structure, personnel, also has experienced unprecedented fierce change, due to the field of mobile Internet has an opening, more and more rely on the concept of marketing, lead to falling into a rhythm, outside questions so far. And, Intel covered the technology innovation of the concept of marketing and manufacturing strength, ignoring the main impression.

grove has issued a warning in 2006. He told the harvard business review, Intel and other hardware company is going through the valley of death, because the Internet and communications are weakening, calculation may be from belong to the communication in the future. At present, all kinds of mobile terminal is further integration with PC in the form of products. People even assert that giant impact is difficult to adapt to the mobile Internet, a new round of competition, perhaps by ARM rival faction pick fall down.

look, this is a critical moment. In the past few years, Intel has too many temptations, it will own more and more complex.

it is precisely the personnel changes, let me see the Intel is to regain confidence. It will return to the fundamentals, to stand in with changeless should change the simple business model,

in my opinion, an industry, the original technological innovation, realistic for technology of high precision manufacturing, is always scarce. When an industry full of too much “business model”, the words such as “to manufacturing”, when business schools are overcrowded, the industry may have to the original technology innovation of crisis, the whole manufacturing natural faces upgrade the pain.

as a result, Intel’s personnel changes, also is a kind of confidence in the set to the world, and remove the uncertainty brought by the excessive commercialization for eight years, based on the technology and manufacturing, will continue to be the core of it remains the same.

my judgment is that, unlike in the past, Intel’s future will be more emphasis on ecology, focusing on building from software to hardware integration of research and development to create, and will focus on the simplification of the cloud computing model. And, I in this prediction, Intel future manufacturing industry, will be closed, speed up opening to the outside world, into a base for future cloud computing model of the background. This will be a full of elasticity, simple business model.

I would like to quote Andy grove, Intel in 2004 words in the annual report. He stressed that the company must ensure that every the leadership of enterprises “sustainable development”. People often ask him, he said, hope in the form of what is remembered, he said, want people to think of him, think he is a help enterprises to realize the sustainable development of people, even in retirement. At the end he had blessing to Paul otellini.

I think this could be the business model of footnotes, also this new personnel changes a footnote.

a lot of people think, hardware industry is dead, Intel will fall on the Internet, it is ridiculous to judge. No matter when, hardware industry is the foundation. As the material, process innovation, semiconductor manufacturing will continue to be a core strength. Over the past few years, although the Internet application and drive, but if no hardware industry innovation, all dream but with noise. Exaggerated the value of virtual society, still can’t cover up the light of physical product is bright.

of course, the giant is still full of risk. Even on the research and development, manufacture, it also faces challenges. Its true rivals, not samsung, TSMC, GF, but the whole industry facing material, equipment innovation, such as process design pressure. Eliminate every step of Moore’s law the spell, will be a common task of the whole industry. People should remember that last year, Intel’s $4 billion ASML15 % shares, TSMC have also received ASML investment invitation, and ASML is the equipment of semiconductor industry giants.

this scene continues, the whole industry will enter a vast fusion stage, it will be accompanied by pain, competitors or will and die. But once across this barrier, an even more amazing era unfolds to the people. It is not necessarily belong to Intel, but will belong to the public.