Intel is to seek foreign aid to the continuation of “network television dreams”, samsung, amazon, or into a saviour

Intel executives had pronounced 2013 at the end of the year will launch a service network television, but apparently is easier than doing, Intel has now are looking for strategic partners in order to obtain cash and distribution services to help. As a matter of fact, if Intel can not find a suitable foreign aid in the short term, the glamorous network TV dream or will broken dreams 2013 .

according to sources, Intel has contact with amazon and samsung, hope a good cooperation. Amazon, Intel spokesman declined to comment, the samsung has yet to comment.

in February this year, Intel chief executive Erik Huggers in his speech said that Intel will be involved in the OTT business with paid Internet TV service. The service content will be all-round coverage broadcast and cable channels, etc. Such as Google, apple, SONY technology leader also are interested in the network television business, but is no one like Intel’s public interest.

however, Intel has yet to sign contracts with mainstream TV provider. Intel may New CEO Brian Krzanich accept interview in June about Intel’s dream “” network TV and tone slightly shifting. “, after all, there are specializing in Intel is expert in silicon technology, following Moore’s law to produce lighter agile chips and other products, is a professional. But we focus on the content of the network television industry is indeed a novice, as a result, Intel’s strategy is also cautious.”

the Intel allocated for 300 more employees to Huggers name “network TV” program, along with much of it of part-time employees. At present, the Intel is based on the production of their own set-top boxes for service testing, test participants covers 3000 of Intel employees. Intel is expected under a New name “ OnCue named “and promote the service.

OnCue and Comcast , Verizon and other traditional pay TV service providers are similar, the difference only lies in its service is provided based on the Internet. “ OnCue “at the same time also has the following characteristics, smooth the user interface, based on the cloud DVR service digital video recording (without user manual recording can automatically obtain the recent 3 days to update the program).

but now all this is only a vision. Unless the program provider would be able to sign a contract, or is Intel’s senior leadership can provide further support, or “ OnCue “is only likely to be an armchair strategist. Cooperate with the amazon or the samsung will provide financial and material resources for Intel support (distribution), so as to greatly improve the possibility of the project lines.

samsung already in the field of smart TV. If Intel and samsung successful cooperation, can want to see Intel Internet TV service is likely to be implanted in the samsung smart TV. Amazon has already spent heavily in network video, and prepare before the end of the launching its own Internet TV box.

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