Intel CEO appointed him the COO Ann Nick

Beijing time on May 2, the evening news, Intel announced today that the company’s board of directors has unanimously elected Brian found Nick (Brian Krzanich) as the new CEO, to replace the current CEO Paul Otellini (Paul Otellini). Found anneke will on May 16, Intel’s annual shareholders meeting officially becoming CEO.

found anneke since January 2012 as Intel’s chief operating officer, he will become the sixth in the history of Intel’s CEO. According to Intel previously announced, Paul otellini, on May 16, the position of Intel stepped down as CEO and board members.

Intel chairman Andy Bryant (Andy Bryant) said: “after a thorough and thoughtful selection process, the board high xlrdzwy Ann Nick to lead Intel. We are defined and the next generation of technology invention, it will promote the development of the future computing.”

he said: “this Nick is a strong leader, have enthusiasm, the technology has a deep understanding on our business. His execution and strategic leadership history and open attitude in dealing with problems won the Intel global respect for employees, customers and partners. He has the right knowledge, depth and experience, can in the era of the rapid changes in technology and industry leading company.”

found Nick, a 52-year-old, since joined Intel in 1982 as a series of Intel technology and leadership positions.

found Anne said: “I am honored to have the opportunity to lead Intel. We have excellent assets, outstanding talent, and unparalleled in terms of innovation and performance legacy. I’m looking forward to work with the leadership team and staff worldwide, continue to promote our proud heritage, faster to super mobility development at the same time, lead the Intel entered a new era.”

the board of directors and election, 48, Renee James (Renee James) as President of Intel. She will be in this new position, on May 16, and found Nick joined Intel executive office.

found Anne said: “I’m looking forward to cooperate with James, common Intel opened a new chapter of history. Her understanding and vision for the future of computing architectures, extensive experience in product research and development, as well as the operation of one of the world’s largest software business experience is important Intel capital.”

as chief operating officer, Ann Nick led Intel’s technology and manufacturing group, Intel custom factory, NAND solutions group, human resources, IT, and the Intel China strategy department, the department, there are more than 50000 employees.

James has extensive experience in the computing industry, involving hardware, information security, software and services, and other fields. She is one of the Intel executive, Intel’s special software subsidiary, McAfee and wind river’s chairman. She has also served as vodafone and VMware members of the board of directors, and was a former Intel CEO Andy Grove (Andy Grove) chief of staff. (d)

attached: found anneke resume

Brian m. Krzanich

Intel executive vice President and chief operating officer

Brian m. Krzanich current Intel executive vice President and chief operating officer. He is responsible for Intel’s global manufacturing operations, human resources and information technology operations.

before Krzanich from 2003 to 2007 for Intel encapsulation testing business, from 2001 to 2003, to be responsible for the implementation of 0.13 micron in Intel global factory logic process technology. From 1997 to 2001, Krzanich Fab 17 plant manager, responsible for integrating before DEC company of semiconductor manufacturing operations to Intel’s manufacturing network. The task updates, including facilities and launch and promotion 0.18 micron and 0.18 micron process technology application. From 1996 to 1997, Krzanich as Arizona Fab 6 plant manager. From 1994 to 1996, he served as Arizona Fab 12 factory production manager. In addition, he has served as a process engineer in Intel different factory. Krzanich joined Intel in 1982.

Krzanich Intel won the award in 1999. He has a semiconductor process patents.

Krzanich won in 1982 at SAN jose state university bachelor’s degree in chemistry.


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