Instead of leaving Mansfield, concentrate on developing iWatch?

today media found that apple’s senior vice President ( SVP ) Bob Mansfield ) name from the apple website executive in the list. Suddenly speculation were struggling, it is departure or washed?

however, a growing number of reports, Mansfield, rather than leaving was clean, but no longer served as administrative position, focus on “special project” ( special projects ), and report directly to the cook.

Mansfield rest briefly leave two months a year ago, after the return to the apple led a special “semiconductor and wireless equipment department”. This time, Mansfield, will be responsible for any special equipment? : he is responsible for apple’s New wearable equipment research and development, may be similar to the , Jawbone Up products, such as can also have a very broad is the rumored apple smart watch project.

in addition, apple has the famous fashion brand of Yves Saint Laurent CEO away, he is also responsible in apple “special project”. Two messages to each other, we have a impression: apple internal wearable equipment project is accelerating.