Insider email leak: UC to tencent “sum”

written in front: hunting cloud network recently launched a series of small column is popular among readers, editors are encouraging. On the basis of detailed content, composed of senior media industry strong team launched an exclusive column “blockbuster”. “Blockbuster” positioning in the depth of the event for the industry to observe, decoding, and investigate the little-known story behind, continue to emphasize the news exclusive sex. This column will be used by cloud network hunting the most senior senior editors and reporters, maintenance, not regular weekly, welcome readers attention.

[heavy] first

this writing: JiPeng

the industry, there are two events worthy of attention, the first thing to do is baidu internal vigorously promote mobile browser project, after hunting cloud network column “bus” disclosure, UC has a non-compete agreement on baidu staff list, explain baidu internal mobile browser project are of the utmost importance. At present, baidu is for baidu mobile browser to attract talent, many Internet a line of the company’s senior technical and operational personnel have received the baidu the olive branch. Another thing is that the UC chairman ucweb CEO again and tencent brush gun off accidentally, he “regardless of the image” in sina weibo exports, on the tencent mobile browser scene, was the industry calls “lei jun is the manner”.

the core of these two things are around mobile browser market, hunters will cloud network from the mobile browser product itself and the business’s point of view respectively.

mobile browser channels obviously

as early as a few years ago, the mobile Internet tide is not like now, the industry for the future of the mobile browser such products have been controversial. All around the APP rule or mobile browser dominating the world, the personage inside course of study is difficult to reach a consensus. But after a few years in the past, we will find that whether the APP or mobile browser, and no one powerful things of the decline of the other party is bound to appear. Through the mobile Internet, APP and mobile browsers, rapid development at high speed.

from the point of development now mobile browser, mobile browsers not only can have cash hoarding flow can also big, also can become an important product, the application of push channel. Mobile browser is slowly to the evolution of the mobile Internet platform for the small.

what is the foundation for the development of the mobile browser? Cloud network think hunting, small white users from four or five cities and rural areas is the mobile browser huge gold mine. The popularity of cheap smartphones makes mobile terminals have great growth space. An expert on a small BBS, according to conservative estimates, domestic smartphone ownership has more than 500 million units. This 500 million user groups, a large number of small white occupies absolutely most of users, their brand awareness of the APP is not sensitive to mobile browser has become a small white mobile Internet users first entry.

the business model of mobile browsers also gradually clear, using mass flow rate for cash. According to the report of CNNIC survey in September, mobile game users to download channel is relatively fragmented, with tencent and UC downloads, ranked first and the second mobile game download channels.

tencent’s mobile phone users in the LAN game download mobile phone users and the network game to download the proportion were 66.2% and 65.9% respectively, in first. UC platform in mobile phones stand-alone game download market and download online game market users accounted for 46.7% and 46.7% respectively, the second.

the first and second behind most remarkably, UC such success, just by mobile browser products alone, and tencent is using its multiple wire layout in mobile Internet, flow entrance include: QQ mobile browser, application treasure, QQ game hall, QQ game’s official website, chat and WeChat) (QQ, QQ space, friends network (client and website), tencent phone housekeeper, tencent hand amusement park, tencent weibo, etc.

UC channels “power”. So, grab a small white group of mobile browser now and in the future is still the important channels of mobile Internet.

who all want to play the game

the more mobile browser shows the importance of strategic position, must become mohican. The essence of UC and tencent repeatedly fighting is competing for the market. Hunting cloud network from people familiar with the sole get an email inside is big. This email is the competent UC ucweb CEO to tencent chairman Ding Ke, vice President for mobile browsers.

email content is as follows:

1, tencent is very respected as a Chinese company, is only in Google and amzond third largest Internet company, in the global perspective want the company has always been the pride of Chinese people.

2, tencent and UC or two product technology company, hope that the two sides is the conscience of competition, the competition of a gentleman.

3, the future do not want to appear the following two conditions: first, the user to avoid punishment, product problems to confirm with avoiding damage to the user. Second, the reasonable and lawful talent competition (for example: some time ago, tencent HR suppliers use the name of the company’s management To employees for the address book despicable means such as trying to dig Angle, we believe that this is not what tencent dry, but hope to be able to discipline and manage suppliers. And such a different case really very much).

4, the two sides back to the product competitive ability, the UC has not actively using PR for tencent do spread, but on the market research in competition between the two sides in the industry have a comment and comment, has nothing to do with UC.

5, market environment after all. We are in the second half of last year and found the two plant, no attention before finally found a company and a company have idea on this market, hope we and your company to do the action. So we also expected the two sides need to be careful other third-party expectations “wipe gun off accidentally” status, there is a problem in a management communication line, and even meet at the highest level of communication.

this email can be refined for two things: 1, the UC to tencent “sum” willingness to explain UC development pressure is very big also. 2, mobile browser market is too messy, although UC and tencent is leading, but thering is no lack of catfish in stir in the market.

in addition, we also see there is still a giant eye on this area. The latest example is still the UC. Ucweb CEO to the media disclosure, baidu have long wanted to buy UC. “Since 2008, the flow of UC and revenue are made one hundred times, the growth of these baidu look in the eyes of nature is a big shock, so baidu have long put out an olive branch, li also personally involved in the negotiations. “After talks fell through, baidu sea fish himself.

but tell hunting cloud network with senior industry executives, he always think, UC and baidu negotiations or to the outside world to make a beautiful bureau of UC, aimed at improving valuation. “UC strategic shareholder is alibaba, generally speaking, a giant company will sign some terms and entrepreneurial companies, these terms will constraint, UC cannot accept alibaba competitor’s investment in the future.”

in the future, predictably with 360, jinshan, sogou, etc have more efforts to promote their mobile browser products, the market will be more competitive.