Inside apple why hire Adobe chief technology officer lynch

Beijing time on March 21, the tech blog AppleInsider, according to the recently published articles in Adobe’s chief technology officer Kevin lynch will join apple news, industry a move for apple felt puzzled, because lynch was a Flash of defender, have clashed with apple. But the article points out that the Flash is not the only done to lynch’s project, he also had the origin and development of software for the Macintosh, and in General Magic is engaged in the development of the user interface elements.


the following is the full text of this article:

in Adobe’s chief technology officer Kevin Lynch (Kevin Lynch) will join the apple news after just a few hours in the Internet has been a problem “lit”, that is what apple plans to make Lynch do?

Flash market destroyed

choose apple lynch as executives it was particularly interesting, because he has a close connection between Adobe Flash, and since 2010 has clashed with apple for this product. At the time, tensions between Adobe with apple grows, especially in the latter after his tablet computer does not support Flash. Then, still alive at the time apple co-founder Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) published an article on the devastating, from various angles on the Flash attacks, including its performance, the impact on battery life, tainted safety record, as a technology of open degree, and even its core values, such as for the Internet, the reason is that already exists on the market at that time a large number of iOS application and other options, can be in a better way to deliver network video and animation.

at the time, lynch firmly maintain the Flash, accused apple is selling a “fighting philosophy” with the Internet, this philosophy will be asked to developers for a number of different platform application development, rather than for Flash this sample can be “run anywhere” common platform application development. He cites the Adobe partners, said “from all the company’s innovation will come from a company is not involved in something in light”.

but the end result is that apple’s iOS devastating for its dominant dwarf the Adobe, quickly eliminate the Flash market, so much so that even the Adobe and a close ally of Google has to give up on the Android platform to provide the support; And just two years ago, Google will also Flash Player as a distinctive one of the main features of the new equipment.

lynch’s nothing but a fool support Flash?

now that conflict in distance was less than three years, and apple has ability from Adobe poached lynch, the fact is worth, highlights the apple and Adobe different back stretch. But is that lynch in apple will do what is not obvious. As the American famous tech blog called Daring Fireball blogger John Gruber (John Gruber) in recent apple executives forward Jean Louis Kathy (jean-louis Gassee) issued by the said in a Twitter message: “do you think is going on? To be honest, I was confused. (apple from Adobe poached lynch) I see no meaning in righteousness.”

gruber then writing, the incoming vice President of apple technology of lynch referred to as “a fool”, and the apple hiring lynch move called “bad hire” activity. He pointed out that in working for Adobe Flash marketing plan, and is responsible for the lynch published support Flash, this is prompted him to lynch is called “stupid”.

but is that the Flash is not the only done to lynch projects. In college, he had had the origin and development of software for the Macintosh, and according to his resume (still appear on the Adobe website) show that in the mid – 1990 – s, he was on the General Magic engaged in the development of user interface elements, the portable computer company in 1990 by apple peel, the latter from then began to focus on working on Newton Message Pad.

in addition, he also “design (FrameMaker publication layout software user interface, and developed the first Macintosh version of” FrameMaker, then this software acquired by Adobe. In addition, he also designed the Dreamweaver software for Macromedia company, this is one of the earliest graphical desktop web development tools (later also acquired by Adobe). In Macromedia, lynch, a former “President” chief software architect, and product development.

how Flash has threat to apple, and how the indirect help saved apple

this, lynch is not the only once in the previous career support Flash apple executives. Apple’s senior vice President of global marketing Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller), a former Macromedia’s vice President of product marketing, the company in 1996 from the original developer FutureWave buy Flash has to provide support. The following year, Schiller from Macromedia departure, since joining from jobs to run apple. But look back at the era of Macromedia, then a series of products have come to the attention of the company, from directly linked to the Adobe printing tools, to the fledgling KeyGrip video editing software (this software is made by the creator of Adobe Premier Randy especially will Ross (Randy Ubillos) development, and now you will Ross, apple’s chief architect) video application, and then to a network-centric tools such as Flash and Dreamweaver, etc.

graphic history of apple and Adobe (tencent technology illustrated)

when with meaning will let IE5 browser compatible with Flash, Macromedia made a major breakthrough, which makes the Flash installed base to grow rapidly. At the same time, Microsoft was striving to prevent the Sun’s Java and netscape web browser Windows competitors into a threat, and take action to prevent apple QuickTime video broadcast network medium.

with the help of Microsoft, Macromedia Flash software quickly became the most preferred Internet video, animation, and interactive content distribution way. Because of the Flash are the proprietary property of Macromedia closure closed at the time, so there is no open community can develop any can through the network applications poses a real threat to Microsoft products, this kind of situation lasted for nearly a decade at least. Flash rising popularity make Macromedia focus on network development tools, which almost gave up KeyGrip; And at the same time, apple realized that will be used around the QuickTime to build a great product for the “recycling” is very important, so the company bought KeyGrip project, and finally to the Final Cut Pro brand name to sell software.

Final Cut Pro sell to new user groups in helped apple PowerMac success, to give apple an important “lifeline”. In addition, the employment especially after will Ross, apple once again become a important software and application developers, introduced a iMovie products, and the New Deal, which developed the Logic Pro, GarageBand and other series of Pro App, iLife and iWork applications.

in 2005, Adobe has decided to stop competing with Macromedia, but directly for $3.4 billion acquisition of the company, the Abobe pointed out that the Flash is the core reason of m&a. Therefore, in the first two years after apple iPhone smartphone, but does not support this Adobe Flash core assets, Adobe began to firmly maintain this kind of product is not so surprising. But in the days that followed, Abobe watched iOS growing in the field of mobile devices, at the expense of Flash losing.

source: tencent technology