Independent investigator accused 360 conference confusing, dare not take

in view of the “daily economic news” reported 360 unsafe, 360 emergency held a press conference today. A catch in it somewhere, so many things happening this conference is doubtful. Independent investigator to Zhou Hongyi for such public rebuke.

independent investigator is after each by the reporter interview, today he put forward three critical questions on weibo to 360 and zhou. The following is a independent investigator’s letter:

this person in shenzhen, can’t personally visited. But you can “frame” from a distance, a direct dialogue with our profile on the Internet. If the 360 frank enough to live a weibo, should be all right? If you think I in an interview with the false information and facts, 360 May be under the leadership of the zhou, chorus. Of course, that also gave himself a heated dispute QunRu opportunities.

sorry, aggressive Zhou Hongyi didn’t dare to take that.

the connect black special news release media “daily economic news” sent editors and reporters to the scene. Didn’t you say you each sent the black version? Now, their journalists arrived, there are so many national counterparts testimony to bluff Zhou Hongyi with you face to face, this is not for 360, Zhou Hongyi since the chance and his innocence?

however, 360 journalists away.

is more difficult to understand, as the story of one of the most important evidence provider of wan and special safety research organization IDF lab members to apply for the Open Day will – “false” providers will have to, not only can you question on the spot, you can also send the police arrested at the scene. If you wan to catch, the agent in 360 is not the best innocence?

however, 360 also turned down.

three aspects, give the chance of a 360 multiple perspectives, to dialogue, to clarify the facts. You are not very case 360? Media coverage of the important party, is willing to wash white for you, why are you afraid to wash?

Zhou Hongyi, you really dare to have a clear conscience, face?

invite some journalists, to hear you took out a set of 360 and a cliche, plus personal attacks, to wash white white? Have words to say well, rotten mud washed white radish, also be washed.

zhou, you continue to make, you make up.