Inaugural soul in! The monster hunter 4 3 million sales breakthrough

on October 15, 2013, karp empty (Capcom, Taiwan “fukang”) on the Nintendo 3 ds exclusive game software “monster hunter 4” sold more than 300 thousand times in Japan (including Nintendo eShop download version of the performance). The following for karp empty statement summary:

“monster hunter” series is in the magnificent natural scenes in the face of a huge monster hunting action game. “By fighting side by side with my friends, challenge powerful monsters” online game established under the new “team” mode of cooperation, and in the domestic society led to a “fierce han phenomenon” (editor: Monster Hunter English name Monster Hunter, Japanese name for the former loan word, モ ン ス タ ー ハ ン タ ー, for the fans and a thumbnail in the nickname モ ン ハ ン (monhan), domestic players and therefore, the abbreviation for “fierce han”, of course, “monster torture people,” laughs).

home consoles are the first since 2004, after the sale, will also be celebrating the tenth anniversary of the next year. Decade fans are also growing, and grow into a series of cumulative sales number so far 2600 thousand times (October 15, 2013) such a proud series.

monster hunter 4 opening animation, fuck insect stick with heavy crossbow players + two head hunting meow siege boom dragon, over the black dragon descended.
this monster hunter 4 series features, and for the nintendo 3 ds’s latest development. Series for the first time to use high and low potential difference of three-dimensional movement patterns, and the Internet online model elements. At the same time to connect with the economic revitalization of nagano area of hot springs, drinks and food in the game also has reference to more of its natural scenery. Pull each other’s all-round cooperation between the cross-industry is quite effective, since sold 1 month, sales volume has reached 300.

next, starting in October 2013, the national “hunting” rally a sacrifice (Monster Hunter ’13) will also be five counties and cities throughout the country continues to expand, in the spring of 2014 and the Universal Studio Japan (note: Japan’s Universal studios, one of the world’s four big film and television theme park) even with activity “Monster Hunter the Real2014” will be held, to improve the Monster Hunter brand value. The company will continue to develop excellent games, respond to each user expectations.

boom, just you have a good death cause…

P3 of (black) elder brother is very fierce in the
What, you ask a figure head? , of course, is the famous ghost month teacher with humanistic series “も ん は ん の え ろ ほ ん 5” (translated as fierce han huang this 5) in the “model worker” kirin niang, total 15 books at the moment.

wish ghost old wet and hot game, continue to carry forward the spirit of this series of salty wet, again a few huntress notebook (ha ha ha ~).