In the televised elop grabbed the host of the iPhone thrown to the ground

according to foreign media reports, nokia CEO Stephen Elop (Stephen Elop) clearly expressed his feelings for the iPhone. In a live TV show recently, elop grabbed the host of the iPhone, throw it to the ground.

in Finland television interview this week, Mr Elop was repeatedly asked about the company 928 mobile phones. The phone said to be released next month by Verizon wireless operators. Host the trouble to ask, though, the CEO of nokia is ignored, always about him, that he did not know that this kind of mobile phone in any situation, because this kind of mobile phone information has not been announced.

meanwhile, elop trying to promote the company the low-end Windows Phone 620. This phone has been launched in the us in January, now just listed in Finland. Finally, helpless host took out his iPhone, intends to stimulate elop’s nerves.

MC said, he don’t want their own iPhone. “Let me help you deal with.” Elop said and grabbed his cell phone, it directly to throw on the floor in the program recording the scene. Host does not seem to care about his cell phone was cast to the earth, he kept on elop said he hopes to get a nokia mobile phone, but it must be the company in 928.

in the end, the host as he was cast iPhone, asked if elop can to replace it with a nokia mobile phones. The nokia CEO, said he would help him realize the desire, but did not say which nokia mobile phone to him.

the whole interview process appears very relaxed atmosphere, the host is obviously nokia fans. In a sense, it is a little like infomercials. Therefore, it is hard to judge elop and the behavior of the iPhone is spontaneous and is planned in advance.

anyway, the whole process very successfully for nokia 928 mobile phone saved the company the popularity, and did not disclose any information to the audience; But also by the way, take the iPhone jokingly.

cloud network hunting note: this elder brothers fell mobile is addictive! In march of last year elop in an interview with CCTV reporter rui, he spoke with an interest in the company of family from design, and in the ears of took out a cell phone, the company then heavy is still on the ground. And said “the nokia mobile phone in a special box when you test again and again fell 100 times, just calculate for the 101th time”.

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