In the mobile unwilling alone? Or will work with alibaba’s “and” alliance

hunting cloud network on August 26, message

at the moment, unicom alliance micro letter, telecommunications woo netease easecredit, both operators to break, and as the first of three carriers in moving slightly silence, had eaten on micro letter “charge” dark deficient China mobile should be broken?

there are close to ali, according to the personage inside course of study to the hunting cloud network within the China mobile is currently discussing cooperation with alibaba plans, or will associate with an alliance against the onslaught of tencent promotion way. However, at present still did not have further information disclosure.

after the secretary general of the China academy of information research center, xi also move action in public. China mobile, he thought, the best plan is to choose a all-round cooperation with alibaba, especially payments, because pay the most relevant is electronic commerce. “Alibaba who are short of a mobile card, if mobile can seize the alibaba, can be simple to reverse the situation.”

meanwhile, alibaba group in promoting their mobile social networking platform, “and”, in order to bring their products into the users, Mr. Lu in the given $100000 cash prize employees at the same time, and even throws in surprise “options” reward as bait, visible “and” layout for ali importance in the field of mobile Internet.

“China mobile need to be a truly Internet gene product, need a strong partner, netease and telecommunications, for example, mobile and ali’s marriage will become the challenge of the micro letter best cooperation mode”. A senior Internet, he says, is in addition to the transactions of IM properties that can make up for the mobile OTT hungry, “together” the cooperation can go deep into the pay, O2O, terminal equipment, and other fields, fully staffed.

in his remarks, in fact, China mobile chairman xi guohua had also revealed that for intelligent pipe at the same time, China mobile has been large-scale cooperation with the outside world, the follow-up may be large-scale cooperation in the field of the Internet.

TMT China securities chief economist ma jun believe that after China mobile have been slow to choose cooperation with the outside world reasons not to do, but also to explore a more appropriate model. “With large number of users in mobile, if rushed and OTT manufacturers, in terms of income, to the mobile base business impact is very big. China mobile need to find a balance, smooth transition “.

from WeChat itself, although already has a huge population, but to put aside operator alone is unlikely to be, in the hands of the communication channels and user terminal operators may now is unlikely to “kill” WeChat, but also let WeChat to support your business more. Netease cooperate with telecom launched the “yi letter” at least give WeChat a wake-up call. Upstream of the operators all the time don’t covet WeChat jianghu position, although the temporary submission on the surface, but when they have a chance to three carriers may WeChat joint operation at any moment.