In any case, the new iPhone or created new sales record

the apple issued an official statement, said opening weekend sold out 900 New iPhone , far more than analysts had forecast sales. Analysts had predicted a New version of iphone will be sold in the 500-775 between, and last year sale the iphone 5 weekend is only sold in the starting 500 ten thousand. A New version of iphone so gratifying sales of instantaneous drive apple shares rose.

although the New iPhone with the previous generation the iphone 5 there was little change in appearance, on Friday, the New iPhone once sold, the store is long queues formed at the door. Such a spectacular long part to apple did not open the the iPhone 5 s reservation, and another is for iPhone fever.

the the iPhone 5 s almost sold out, can want to see if apple stock is enough, the iPhone 5 s sales to rise further.


apple 900 all sales covered in the 5 s and . Apple did not disclose their sales two phones. But overall, the New iPhone5C to a certain extent, led to the New iPhone sales. Apple said iOS7 after the launch, now run the system iOS equipment for 2 $. And last year iOS6 launch, the same time only 1 $ iOS equipment to upgrade to the iOS6 . (which can also be a snapshot of iOS7 .

apple also said that New products online music service iTunes Radio on the opening weekend have 1100 thousands of hours of listening to records.

* iTunes Radio iOS 7 running on the platform, can be normal use in the United States.

apple cook ( Tim Cook ) in the conference proudly said “this is the issue of the most successful ever iPhone – sales more than 900 , created a new record of the sales of the opening weekend.” He also said, “people of the New iPhone response is great, the first iPhone5S , , flagship store will then have the arrival of the goods. We are stepping up production, to ensure that everyone would be able to buy what you want iPhone thank you for your patience to wait.”

at the same time, apple has filed with the SEC documents, show its quarterly earnings will reach expected earnings 340-370 $in a higher level.

here are the latest products and progress review for apple:

2013 , 9 on 23 ,

apple announced that since 9 on 20 day sale, 3 days, the New iPhone sales break through history to 900 . nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull