IM application to the new product, Zula specializing in business market


now, with the aid of Skype , Gmail tools such as call for many people is the norm. But water is not necessarily the source, the young now a generation enjoying the convenience of network communication, pleasant but mostly do not understand the change once a sensational. And Jeff Pulver the technology pioneer, also not young people know you greatly.

once mentioned Pulver , first can think of is Vonage . Vonage is the earliest use VoIP ( IP phone/ network> phone) technology is one of the company, its scale is second to none in the industry. As Vonage , founder of Pulver is a very strong practice ability than home, set up several companies, and in the long committed to IP Internet phone technology to spread. in recent years, however, Pulver the creator is not active in the field of Internet phone.


now, the Vonage with to return again. Zula main application, a same name in the smartphone and grow-up of a new generation of social network, is designed to in today’s mobile world, reshape business team interaction.

in short, it is covered with mysterious veil Zula is a commercial software, aims to be the first choice of the new virtual workplace communication. Now young people are more dependent on the smartphone to provide a variety of communication methods, is not confined to the traditional telephone communication. Pulver hope Zula to in many software stand out, become the necessary application of the younger generation, and all the way with these young people into the work world. Have such positioning, also no wonder that people will privately to Zula into the “.

【 pair together 】

in order to promote the Zula Pulver found co-founder Jacob Ner – David. Jaco the same qualifications rich : he has founded a number of enterprises in a row, a genuine veteran communication technology industry, cooperation founded by Delta Three as VoIP supplier was listed on nasdaq, billions of dollars of IPO financing.

Hope that through the

two founders Zula IM to find on the market, and tries to reshape group communication model based on mobile terminals. At present, the Zula to month launched the iOS and Android beta. Zula provide original mobile phone platform, will provide a written communication, multimedia content delivery, conference calls and file sharing, and other functions, in order to help professionals better control of team work.

today, efficiency management applications, such as Skype , WhatsApp , Vider communication software is also such as heat. But Pulver believe that Zula as a from a strategic point of view is a combination of two big functions of efficiency and communication software, its development prospect is worth waiting for. Communication software is very popular now, but professionals still need a applicable to the work of communication tools, in order to keep smooth contact with convenient business management.

to start smoothly, the two partners in addition to their pay, also in all Israel raise website OurCrowd $ seed financing, but also obtained such as Gigi Levy , Oded Mr Vardi .

Pulver said, adding that since the smooth financing, Zula team began to grow in your company within the trial Zula : discuss strategy, share files, on a conference call, and so on. From there and try to simulate the best solution, build the right question and answer exchange mode on the mobile terminal.


This year

9 , Zula first released to the public. There is no doubt that as IM application in endlessly, the Zula will be facing fierce competition in the industry. But Zula the team hope their products will make up for the IM application now market vacancy, through development solutions for mobile terminals, for the team and professionals to provide a variety of convenient and effective functions, meet the needs of its focus on the task, management business.

Zula provide is not only a perfect function. Modern young people grow is not short of instant messaging, Facebook , SMS, etc. therefore, Zula believe, founder of providing excellent experience is very important. This helps Zula this commercial mobile communication platform successfully attract anyone starting a new job. Pulver , said he thought the best way is to build a “, at present, a series of related features have been incorporated in the plan for the next step research and development team communication.

then, Zula not the only people covet the commercial market. Dropbox related software company will improve a similar plan, applicable to the function of the professionals. It is conceivable that Zula must show fully heterogeneous excellent products can cause enough attention. It’s way too early for any predictions for. But after all Zula is by two industry predecessors to create products, is still worth the stay tuned.