If 360 really pushed on medical advertising: what do you think those are?

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special statement, I’m just saying if! If why say, because look back the development history of 360, Lao zhou is often put smoke, such as antivirus, he said don’t do anti-virus, then you know. Such as search, he clearly said that won’t do the search, then you know. Well, the body begins:

What so-called “resolutely refused to” 360 medical class advertising company, quietly closed the “good” products? Oh mama ah, call 360 on medical advertising is to search? That is the lower limit of 360 with baidu flat? Baidu, you don’t have to worry about the moral integrity, 360 use their own actions to prove, the moral integrity is not valuable.

the industry the opponent laughed, the profile you are still the same. Earlier said the anti-virus software you did not do, say you do, don’t involve search said there would be no medical advertisements, you now. And what do you say no, is in the heart want to do?
Regarding to this case, those with 360 screwing is going to say?

baidu: thank you 360, I have three thanks to you. A thank you big medical advertising market together, thank you help me moral wash white, three thank our moral integrity synchronization, don’t have to be criticized. I also have three hate, hate you renege renege, passive response, I two hate you such a low profile, moral integrity is lost even when their hero, three hate you market share rise too fast, so quickly consumed by the impulse of the profit. 360, you are a good opponent, but after all do the same thing with us, it is really you never know, moral integrity not credible.

tencent: 360 smoke looked round and round, camouflage effect after all. Tencent computer butler I add jinshan guards now, as long as you dare to put in all sorts of false medical advertisement, I would dare to suggest that it is not safe to address, until you credit bust! 360, said can’t do things to do, also, mantis catching cicada yellowbird behind, you showed to baidu, we secretly attack you safe home. “Every sutra lengthy report is just the beginning, the future of the big, no matter who comes from will be normalized for you. Search you do be careful, your security products series, is not devoid of flaw!

sogou: doing business in China is only one thing at a time, and make more money, more immigrants. 360, you finally into this big family, also let me feel joyful. Sogou with 360 is a great competitor, we’re eager to 360 mistakes, more eager to do 360 things let others think that is wrong. 360, the prosperity of the time don’t satisfied, because is too smooth, adversity. 360, don’t be too greedy to finally be smashed his own feet.

jinshan: Lao zhou routines I too familiar, said that will do, what not to do quarrel with people, you start to do it fight after the product is red. Since you across this step, then I will combine the power of the two brothers, baidu, tencent, again pull you into the bottomless pit of public relations campaign. It doesn’t really matter what to do, but others think that what you do. The things you do today, tomorrow could be changed. The world is made up of unknown the truth of the people forever, will you guess “good”, becomes “quack”, becomes “old army”. Advise you step-by-step, flaw don’t step by step, otherwise we must “reciprocity”.

good doctor: hong yi not the kui is my Wang Hang and “good” and “good doctor”, meaning in fact. I don’t care what others say, but I think you do “good”, with the practice of baidu differentiation, you have your own routines, will be very careful to choose what to do. You can choose to certification of advertising, you can choose to access our products to guide the flow to us, you have refused to the power of the undesirable businessman. Hong yi ah, you don’t forget, a pack of wolves outside looking at you, you not taken is the abyss. So, you are still cautious, don’t understand the medical market can come to ask me!

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