IDC data: the iPhone sales growth slow samsung smartphone sales in the first quarter is almost twice the apple

IDC published 2013 in the first quarter of smartphone sales report. China and South Korea smartphone makers leading Android camp, apple sales growth is slow. At the same time, the global smartphone sales more than traditional feature phones for the first time.


2013 in the first quarter, samsung is still dominant. Samsung took the smartphone a total share 32.7% . Is almost twice the second apple share ( 17.3% ). , huawei, zte share close, shipments from 1030 to 910 ten thousand units, respectively than 4.8% , 4.6% , 4.2% . Huawei and sales have increased 100% above. Other vendors sold 7880 ten thousand smartphones, total than 36.4% , slightly higher than the samsung a share.

in sales growth ways, is one of the biggest winners. Compared to the same period last year sales, has made the biggest growth. After is huawei, year-on-year sales almost doubled. Samsung also increased significantly compared to the 60.7% . The only loss should be apple, year-on-year growth was only 6.6% .

nokia? Once the king, now can only go to “ others “option. Nokia’s share has been shrinking in smartphones to exist in the statistical figure as a separate block.