Hurun report: ma first into the top three LeiJunCheng biggest dark horse

the hurun research institute published today in the 2013 hurun report ya ju LeHaiNa clear water bay, list, according to the “real estate magnate Mr Wang to 135 billion wealth for the first time China’s richest man, ma huateng ranked third, robin li, ranked sixth.

in this year’s list, the IT industry is the biggest winner of this year, there are three of the top 10 is to do IT, IT amounts to more than rose 20% last year, the top 50 IT wealth also has grown by more than 40% for two consecutive years. Millet technology of lei jun is the biggest increase in wealth hurun report this year on entrepreneur, up 567% from last year’s 2.4 billion to 2.4 billion.

42, ma huateng ranked third in 62 billion. This is the first time ma in the top three, and in the top 10 most young entrepreneurs. Compared with last year, ma wealth growth of 51%, ranking rose to four. Tencent’s 2012 sales income 43.9 billion, net profit of 12.7 billion. Nearly 550 billion, tencent’s current market valuation is one of the largest company market value of all the listed companies. Ma holds a 10.25% stake in tencent.

45 li to fortune 50 billion dropped out of the top three, ranked sixth. Li wealth have fallen for two consecutive years, 2% less this year than last year, a 9% drop from the year before last year. Although baidu is listed on the nasdaq stock market value in China’s largest private enterprises, the market value of more than 280 billion, but baidu’s share price in line with the same period last year. Li currently owns a 16% stake in baidu.

50 pieces of the near east to wealth from last year, 21 39.5 billion leap into the top 10, ranked ninth. In February this year, “suning” renamed “Su Ningyun shang, from offline to online development, scope of business from to include retail electrical products development, in the process of to DianQiHua strive to grab a slice in electric business platform. In addition, su ning in the commercial real estate project in nanjing, jiangsu province, wuxi and other places are going eventful. This year, the near east zhang in suning appliance group’s stake from 28% to 39.75%.

it is important to note that the list of the most representative have millet technology lei jun, he is one of the largest entrepreneurial wealth growth rate this year, wealth, up from 2.4 billion last year to 16 billion this year, rising proportion of 567%, ranking 63th, his millet is one of the China’s best-selling domestic mobile phone, millet mobile phone sales reached 12.6 billion in 2012.

in addition, ding was ranked no. 25 (26 billion), the ma family was ranked no. 26 (25 billion), 32 (23 billion), shi yuzhu family tencent CTO Zhang Zhidong at 37 (21 billion)

the new on the list in 115, is engaged in the IT industry, the largest number, followed by manufacturing industry, the third is the real estate. Dip the fastest industries include: manufacturing, resources, the resources industry become number two years in a row down the fastest industry. The fastest rising number of industry is the IT industry.