Hunting cloud early know: Microsoft, amazon results, both listed on Twitter plans to issue 70 million shares

1. Microsoft first-quarter earnings in 2014:18.5 billion revenue and net profit rose 17% in the

according to the results show that Microsoft’s $18.53 billion revenue this quarter, net profit of $5.24 billion, compared with last year rose 16% and 17%, respectively. It is understood that Microsoft first quarter than Wall Street analysts had expected.

in addition, in the first quarter of fiscal 2014, Microsoft Windows department on revenue of $4.47 billion, compared with $3.24 billion; Microsoft’s enterprise business revenue of $5.99 billion, in the same period last year to $5.5 billion; Microsoft’s entertainment and services sector edged up, on revenue of $2 billion.

at the same time, Microsoft also revealed that due to the price strategy, Surface (the original Surface RT) sales is better than Surface Pro (formerly Microsoft has announced the generation of Surface Pro price us $100).

2. Amazon in 2013 third quarter: revenue of $17.09 billion, more than Wall Street expected

according to amazon’s 2013 in the third quarter results show that the amazon this quarter revenue of $17.09 billion and last year, up 24% over the previous year, and higher than the previous $16.7 billion Wall Street analysts predict. At the same time, the amazon in the third quarter net loss of $41 million, a net loss of $274 million over the same period last year.

the third quarter of this year amazon made a series of big action: a few weeks ago, amazon released a new generation of the Kindle Fire tablet; In addition, the company also today raised the price of “amazon delivered on the same day service” (rising from $25 to $35). Analysts believe amazon’s move is intended to let more people to choose amazon Courier fee membership service.

for some time, amazon’s continuing losses to investors and the media feel strange. Bezos has quoted the eagle proudly lai, andreas’s words: “the amazon was founded by a group of important investors focus on the interests of the users charity!”

3. Twitter the exposure: more details will be issued 70 million shares, a share price $17 to 20

according to the latest Twitter filed with the SEC, according to documents listed on Twitter plans to issue 70 million shares, pricing in 17-20 dollars a share. Analysts believe Twitter stock pricing slightly conservative there are two main reasons: first, Twitter has not revenue, and the user scale and finance is much less than the rival, Facebook; Second, in order to attract more investors. Earlier media reports, Twitter will log on to the nyse in November, after $1.4 billion of capital can be obtained.

4. Apple Mac App Store allows piracy iWork application upgrade

foreign media coverage of science and technology, people found the apple Mac app store allows piracy (trial version) and application upgrades, iWork and iLife applications are affected by the above. Not only that, but the report also pointed out that the application of piracy again after the upgrade will be replaced by the original application. Analysts believe that appear this phenomenon because the Mac app store cannot verify activation conditions on the application of the piracy. At present, apple did not comment.

5. Samsung class Google glasses patent exposure

according to the Wall Street journal, samsung in South Korea recently filed for a patent on intelligent glasses. According to this document, samsung this glasses can be connected with other samsung devices, complete the information view, photos, and other functions. Some analysts have called the device for the Galaxy smartphone again “accessories” (similar to the samsung Galaxy smart watch Gear)