Huawei to fetion? China mobile tender behind the mystery

the 6 years, China mobile’s mobile Internet business fetion has got great achievement in the past to let the envy of the industry, cooperation with China mobile fetion business exclusive operator China tai yue had made millions. But with the rapid rise of more instant messaging mobile applications, fetion is losing its light. Reality under the pressure of competition, China mobile has to fencing reform fetion old operation mode, the introduction of new partners and market mechanism.

new bidders huawei, soft international

takes adjustment is central size state-owned enterprises try to reverse the passive situation of consistent, move to address from the Internet in the OTT the impact of the business began to plan reconstruction fetion, start a new fetion service bidding is the first step in its plans. According to the China mobile guangdong company released the latest tender announcement shows that China mobile will fetion system development and support work for bidding, this also means that in the past provided by China tai yue “LongDuanShi” service will become history.

as we have learned, fetion business will be split into four big projects bidding: fetion business infrastructure services subproject, fetion business sub-project of wireless products, old subprojects and fetion fetion business business component of public service, the corresponding project size respectively 3.11 million, 1.24 million, 1.19 Eva 0.84 one hundred million yuan, a total of 6.38 one hundred million yuan.

from scale seductive, the industry also put focus on the natural fetion who will? Tencent technology learned from reliable sources that the bidding period is about two months, which is in the shenzhou tai yue 6 on 30 day service contract ended, and bid in addition to the shenzhou tai yue itself, also appeared two heavyweight, huawei and soft international.

China tai yue since 2007 years has been to provide mobile fetion service in the development and support services, has a certain advantage in fetion bidding. In the face of the bid, although compared with the previous business scope has narrowed, but also be ready. According to financial analysts understand the tender, from past to cooperate and familiar with the point of view, the main 3.11 one hundred million yuan scale fetion business infrastructure services subproject or will still take the shenzhou tai yue. But huawei and soft international is expected to receive 1.24 one hundred million yuan of fetion business component and wireless products 1.19 one hundred million yuan.

this project mainly involves the basis of the so-called mobile flying letters and PC fetion, which is the core of the fetion products at present form, is also the focus of the shenzhou tai yue long service direction. While old projects such as wireless project, mainly for the future development direction of fetion, such as fetion space and has just launched fetion public platform, such as the new bidders tend to, mainly is the result of this kind of product belongs to a new start in the technology and development, with less overlap the original form, developed from the technology, data integration, etc.

of course, huawei and international nor soft. Soft is the industry well-known international IT one of outsourcing service providers, IT the outsourcing business of soft international revenue about 50% . While huawei’s relationship with soft international is unique.

huawei is one of the main customers of the soft international. In the 2009 , 2010 and 2011 in the first half, soft international for huawei IT outsourcing transaction respectively 9900 , 2.69 hundred million yuan and 1.69 one hundred million yuan, accounting for the IT outsourcing transactions 22% , 39% and 36% . Good relations between the two sides, the joint venture company set up in xi ‘an last year, the New company is still focused on IT outsourcing business, the goal is huawei business income accounted for 50% above.

bidders for new pop up, outside also have this view. In the mobile reconstruction fetion is not derived from the internal drive, the reason is that the 2013 years moving KPI plan didn’t take the fetion included. But in the face of the Internet enterprise OTT business impact, at that time also does not have very good response, then the soft international in IT outsourcing business for many years of experience and outstanding achievements to his move from the lobby to contribute to the reconstruction, and this opportunity is naturally to draw the huawei.

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in the past year, the traditional Internet OTT business has shunt global telecom operators nearly 140 1 $profits. In South Korea SKT as an example, the message traffic has gone from monthly 106 one hundred million down to 30 one hundred million; At the same time, in the flow pipeline service provided by the operators, as much as