Huawei pay rise sharply. New recruit graduates of 9000 yuan

recently, news about huawei pay rise circulated on weibo, BBS, nunn, from sources confirmed that the huawei has started really pay rise. 13-14 junior staff pay rises have begun, the department started to communicate, increase at about 30%, and even has a staff of more than 70%.

the pay range and work life and personal performance related, August will be formally reflected in staff income. Next year, at the same time, the fresh raw starting salaries have raised sharply, huawei new recruit graduates will pay from past $6000 starting salary (before tax) to 9000 to 10000 yuan, is expected to double. Huawei will invest one billion yuan for this money.

previously, huawei and zte only a little advantage in employee compensation, the same level of huawei is higher than zte pay only 10-15%. Cost 1 billion, huawei raise fresh graduates and the basic salary, or form the advantage on the called “new”.

grassroots employees pay thirty percent

huawei company in the first half performance, announced a few days ago in the first half of the sales income of 113.8 billion yuan, compared with the same period in 2012 increased 10. 8%, and the expected 2013 annual net profit margin was 7% ~ 7%. Although huawei not reported in the first half of the profit, but industry rumours, huawei first-half profits in more than 10 billion. Huawei internal BBS had spread profit is as high as 14.3 billion, but the story has not been huawei officially confirmed.

“13-14 junior staff group is the business of the company’s main specific operation, they thought the new, momentum, energy and enthusiasm, is the source of the future of the company managers and experts. Company’s current compensation policy is to emphasize control, increasing the elastic rigidity, 13-14 junior staff salaries are not competitive compared to the industry, is difficult to attract and retain talents.” The reporter learns from the sources, the raise is to attract and retain talents further, especially the grass-roots talent, increase the certainty of wage income rigidity.

the company recruit fresh undergraduates, first-tier cities in the starting salary of 6000 yuan, a graduate student in 8000 yuan, salary increase, the undergraduates’ salary will be 8000-9000 yuan; Graduate students to 10000 yuan. In addition, there will be according to the personal, professional, regional compensation gap, such as “don’t make one size fits all”, which means that if you are good enough, about the starting salary is not too difficult.

and huawei grass-roots level 13, 14, “fare” pay rises 30%, the excellent employees may double salary. “Usually had a pay increase, but had never been so high”. It is understood that the pay rise has nothing to do with the department, but with the fixed number of year of the work and individual performance, evaluation of A and B + and B last year staff will receive A range of pay: good for examination and assessment of 13 level employees, for example, assume that the salary of RMB 70 0 0, adjusted will rise to 9000-11000 yuan or more.

harvest four questions employees

harvest four questions employees, this is huawei’s tradition. Back in 2010, huawei’s revenue of 182.5 billion yuan, a record 30.6 billion net profit. Immediately, huawei has launched a large scale increases, the increases 11.4%, the stock dividend also hit a record of 2.98 yuan. And the raise such a huge, began to believe that the first half of the profits billions is not “unfounded”.

on the one hand, the rapid growth of the consumer business group: huawei huawei consumers BG (BusinessG roup) C E O ChengDong said, huawei’s consumer business achieved close to last year’s profit in the first half of this year, including smartphone shipments doubled for the first time in the consumer business profit biggest contributors.

and with high global 4 g network construction, huawei business operators also began in earnest. According to data provided by huawei, huawei has gained global 196 LT E commercial contracts, the opening of the 86 LT has E number among the world’s first commercial network.

good achievement, huawei to employees. Source at nunn said, in addition to the big bonuses for grassroots employees. The end of this year, is expected to cover the raise to all employees, but should not be higher than the junior staff.

attracting talent

China’s salary adjustment for this train of thought was very clear, that is for grassroots employees to increase the proportion of cash income, and strengthen the competitive power of the overall pay — in fact, the company is above the average salary in the equipment industry. After the raise, no doubt, will further expand the advantage, into the first group of pay levels.

“we as wages and huawei.” Zte sources, graduates into zte, starting in 6500-7500 yuan, two. The same level difference is not more than 15%. “Although huawei staff have stock dividends, but zte also have some incentive mechanism. Such as to provide some employees reside a room price of every square metre only thousands of yuan, the equivalent section of house prices to 20000 to 30000 yuan/square meters.” It is reported, to provide staff with zte in shenzhen, nanjing and other reside a room 6000 sets, reside a room will be increased to 30000 sets in the future.

this week, zte announced to 1523 awarded 103.2 million stock options incentive object. But unlike huawei adjusted grass-roots employee compensation, zte the equity incentive for senior r&d personnel, marketing personnel and senior management – research and development and marketing personnel proportion reaches about 50% and 30% respectively, the rest is senior management personnel.

as huawei overhaul grassroots employees and fresh graduates salary, will form a definite advantage in the intake, and pose a threat to rivals. Huawei staff size and revenue, at present in China IT company first. As huawei’s terminal market and enterprise market, growing influence, if really big increases, or forming a chain reaction in the industry. “We are often don’t and highest salary than education, than we are.” Have declined to be named foreign equipment companies in the middle to nunn said, in addition to money, than corporate culture, than development opportunities, than working environment, than happiness, than soft power.

H R director zhang wei of certification for huawei networks in weibo, said: “the company has to focus on the and began to pay attention to non-material incentives. For grassroots employees, or material benefits.”

zte, senior vice President and C IO Chen Jianzhou are revealed, and the third quarter of this year and the end of this year, zte will include the start for the backbone of the staff and faculty salary plan.


13-14 junior staff: increase at about 30%, especially outstanding will be doubled. Fresh graduates starting salary (next year) : from the previous 6000 yuan starting salary (before tax) to 90 0 0 to 10000 yuan, is expected to double.

source: southern metropolis daily