HTC revenues slow, in the second quarter profit fell 83% year on year

HTC has released 2013 , preliminary results, in the second quarter results show that the second quarter profit fell 83% year on year, is revenue. To have industry leader samsung android smartphone market, has grown rapidly unknown merchant. to HTC as Taiwan manufacturers, is in the fierce competition in the android smartphone production in the market for life. According to the HTC message, its second-quarter revenue of 707 hundred million new Taiwan dollars (us 23.5 $ $), the profit of 12.5 4163 $) below analysts generally expect. After-tax earnings per share 1.5 t.

HTC 8500 m t, higher than the first quarter, but better than the 740 billion was a significant reduction in many of the same period last year. According to the Wall Street news reported, 7 home authoritative analysis of expectations, to HTC should be the net income of the average forecast 20 $ t. This HTC is just with the target.

the recent sales data really will play back into the beautiful scenery of the previous situation to HTC. This year 5 , HTC 48.03%, which is obtained by the current performance of the year. However, HTC and in the 6 month income plunge, a fall of 23.88% month-on-month , annual fell 26.43% . Now HTC are relying on HTC One to sustain high performance, at the same time ready to expand investment, reorganization of the senior management team and take the new marketing strategy. But the 6 in apparently not very optimistic sales data for the HTC sound the alarm for the the .

HTC is now the fierce competition in the smartphone market. The industry, such as samsung is by offering a variety of specifications of the the Galaxy S4 products to grab share of each market segment. HTC has announced that it would launch a more small and light, but are also more populist HTC One – HTC One Mini . The small version the HTC One or the Galaxy S4 Mini hands go part of the market share, but the barrels, given the phone went on sale. to HTC is trying to rely on a star phone” to turnaround, but whether it can succeed, it remains to be seen.

at the end of June, Google Play version of to HTC One, sale, sale and at the same time with the version of the samsung Galaxy S4.