HTC released upgrade plan: the north American version of the Droid DNA and HTC One at the end of September to upgrade to the Android 4.3

the day before yesterday, we learned that HTC One developer version will directly across the Android 4.2 upgrade to the Android 4.3. Director of HTC’s global sales on Twitter today revealed: HTC is working to develop, for before the end of September to the United States market HTC Droid DNA and several kinds of HTC One can use the Android 4.3.

since HTC official has said, that only can hinder the user HTC seems to be the next One, and the Droid DNA can get update system as soon as possible factors is the operator.

after can’t timely follow-up version upgrade services for most of its mobile phones and HTC is facing great pressure. And in just two months after Google released updated version is complete from An droid across the Android 4.3, 4.1 May help the company save some face in Android faithful heart.