HTC in the third quarter net loss of 630 million yuan: HTC One weak sales

HTC has released the results on Friday, the third quarter net loss, it is the company a net loss for the first time since 2002. Through the HTC One high-end phones to revive efforts did not improve its sales of brand status.

with the intelligent mobile phone leader nokia and blackberry, HTC is finding it hard to with the rapid growth of samsung competition with China. HTC had earlier in the third quarter is expected to appear losses, the reason is that the manufacturing and marketing costs, and HTC One weak sales.

analysts think HTC will be difficult to regain market share, even out of the big screen high-end smartphones also useless. HTC tried to expand the influence of mainland China, but from millet, etc. Millet Mi 3 mobile phone retail sales is only half the HTC One.

HTC in the third quarter net loss of t $2.97 billion ($630 million), the result is higher than that of Thomson Reuters survey of analysts expected losses of nt $196.25 million.

quarter on Sept. 30, HTC operating loss of nt $3.5 billion, revenue t $470.5.

according to ABI Research provide sales data, in the second quarter of HTC has dropped out of the global top ten list of smart phones, the company’s share price is currently hovering low in eight years, ms wang, chairman of the board of the need to constantly deny the rumors will be acquired to HTC. (MingYu)

source: sina science and technology