HTC change: Mr. Chou to ms wang “hand over” more power

yesterday, according to the financial times reported, joint founder and chairman of HTC, ms wang said she had started to put more experience into HTC’s overall operations in the transaction. According to the meaning of ms wang, she the aim is to reduce the burden of CEO Peter Chou.

in an interview, ms wang said “from the past two months since I began to responsible for the company’s affairs more, before I was too busy!” While Mr. Chou said: “before I tube too much. I need to spend more on product development and innovation.”

it is understood that ms wang in the HTC work time in the past 2 days a week to 6 days, and will preside over the company’s marketing, sales, and supplier relationships. At the same time, Mr. Chou will be mainly responsible for product development. In an interview, Mr. Chou said: “to the next year, HTC will present a better look”.

after the HTC in the first quarter results. And Mr. Chou is said to have declared, if HTC One not achieve the desired success, he will step down as CEO.

Source: FB