HTC CEO blasted samsung: light in spending money on marketing, innovation?

Beijing time on March 15, news, according to foreign media reports, released in see samsung’s Galaxy S4 mobile phone, HTC chief executive Jason MacKenzie (Jason MacKenzie) feel very relaxed. He believes that samsung will money spent on marketing rather than innovation.

in fact, he felt sad, for samsung. “For the practice of samsung, I feel want to laugh at the beginning, then feel very embarrassed.” Mackenzie said.

HTC CEO Jason Mackenzie

samsung Galaxy S4 and many new features in propaganda is unique, staged many skit to highlight the new performance of the mobile phone. Because the conference hall is a famous art in New York City held “the radio city music hall”, therefore, samsung these dramatic “performance” also seems to be reasonable.

Mackenzie said that he believes his HTC One cell phone still better than the competitors, including the Galaxy S4. His cell phone is still in the upper hand. Can be seen in the “from samsung product demonstration, the company seemed to spend money on marketing rather than innovation.” He said.

he criticised samsung launched the phone lack any kind of new features. He also pointed out that some of them are the function of the key highlights, such as real-time translation function S – the translator, already exist in other Android phones.

samsung declined to comment.

“everyone is entitled to his own point of view.” Samsung telecommunications America marketing director Ryan – thanks to Dan (Ryan Bidan) said. He stressed that he believes that samsung did equally well in terms of marketing and research and development.

although One phone configuration very awesome, but HTC still disadvantage in the market. In the last year, samsung fully covered nearly radio and TV commercials, HTC’s momentum is relatively weak in marketing.

but HTC made full use of the growing popularity of the Galaxy S4 release activity, before the conference, HTC dispatched employees carry with HTC brand tray, to hand them out at the front of the radio city music hall waiting crowd canned Pringles potato chips and bottled water.

Mackenzie said that in the beginning he heard the buzz and positive evaluation are very encouraged, admitted that the company will need to better products to consumers. “It is very important for consumers to buy a mobile phone.” He said, “it is our responsibility.”

HTC encounter a few problems by themselves, said its One phone until April again. The company did not elaborate on the cause of the delay, but many speculated that this may be associated with the complex production process of all metal fuselage. Mackenzie declined to comment on the reason for the delay, he just said he is eager to the mobile phone to the market as soon as possible.

Mackenzie said, after a high-profile publicity, samsung is likely to let the consumer feel disappointed. This gives like HTC One mobile phone to develop, to win new fans. “In the end, or the product itself is the most important.” He said.

source: tencent technology