HTC boss Mr Chou: sell but samsung has to resign

Taiwan HTC (HTC) CEO Peter Chou (Peter Chou) in an internal meeting at the end of 2012, the company executives has a military order, if HTC than One mobile phone sales of samsung’s GALAXY S4, oneself will resign the CEO position.

this is the Wall Street journal at the time of disclosure HTC One late delivery with the story. Although exposure information like that, it is easy to make and this year, HTC intensify market marketing strategy, but in fact, HTC now in experiencing an unprecedented challenge.

HTC One, this is related to CEO posts mobile phones, are now facing a very big problem. An executive who spoke on condition of anonymity, says that, their accessories supply chain appeared serious problem, the reason is that these parts supplier has HTC is considered an “secondary” customers, lead to the supply of accessories is slow.

HTC so had to many areas One delayed to April, the just and the samsung GALAXY S4 sales time conflict. If HTC One really lost in the PK, Peter Chou, CEO of job crisis.

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