HP shares rose, chairman of departure


(Beijing time) 4 on 5 message, HP announced Thursday that the company’s chairman Raymond Ryan ( Raymond Lane ) will leave, this company could herald a HP’s board will face another round of restructuring.

hui’s director Ralph wheater voss ( Ralph Whitworth ) to take over as chairman, temporary until the company find the right person officially took over. Ryan will still remains in the HP board, but the other two directors John hamm glen ( John Hammergren ) and Kennedy Thompson ( g. Kennedy Thompson ) will be leaving. HP director held a conference call on Thursday approved the change management plan.

hui’s in 2011 in 110 $to buy a UK software company Autonomy , and in about a year later to the deal for 88 $significant writedowns, the dissatisfaction with the shareholders of a company. HP has previously said, Autonomy have provided misleading information on their financial problems, but the latter’s former chief executive has been denied. The deal takes place under the supervision of lane, he and his glen and Thompson was held in two weeks ago the HP’s annual shareholder meeting almost failed to preserve board seats.


, 66 , oracle’s President, is a venture capital firm kleiner perkins ( Kleiner Perkins Caufield & amp; Byers, ) managing partner, he has yet to be reached for comment. Whitman voss said, after carefully considering the results of a shareholder vote, Ryan resigned, he at that time of the vote is only 58.9% . As a result of HP’s shareholders are many this vote is startlingly low.

most of the time in the past decade, the board often faced criticism and change. In the 2006 in the “spy scandal” causes the then-chairman Patricia dunn ( Patricia Dunn ) was forced to resign, and in the subsequent 2010 years, HP’s board rejected the then chief executive mark hurd ( Mark Hurd ), and hiring apotheker ( Leo Apotheker ) as the chief executive, investors feel puzzled, triggering another round of fierce criticism. Mr Apotheker’s tenure, HP bought Autonomy .

2011 at the start of the year, leaving HP’s four directors, five new director to join the board of directors. Under the leadership of the new management, HP had hoped to spend a period of stability. This year 2 at the end of HP CEO Meg Whitman ( Meg Whitman ), said she expected the board will not change soon. Whitman said at the time: “we have a very good one batch of directors”, many of them to enter the time of the board of directors is less than two years.

wheater voss said in an interview on Thursday, Ryan, “don’t think he is the shareholders authorized”. “Over the past few months, he thought, there are too many distractions, and he hope the company can in the case of without the interference to move on.”

she wo in the 2011 at the end of the year to join the HP board, co-founded by him after radical investment fund bought about 1% HP shares. Recently, he joined the board of a new informal committee, the committee’s responsibility is to provide strategic advice to Whitman. “I will provide leadership to the board, and support Whitman.” Whitman said. “She has take an extremely difficult task, to revive the company.”

, , Whitman, in more than a dozen of the board of directors of the listed company’s office. Before joining HP’s board to, he served as America’s most family medical services and equipment suppliers Apria Healthcare and waste management companies in the United States ( Waste Management ) of the directors. The activist investors often win a seat on the board or a threat will launch a proxy contest to change a “course” of the company. In the 2006 year, he won by means of negotiations Sovereign Bancorp the bank’s two board seats, then successfully lobbied other directors rejected the bank’s chief executive. He also threatened to mobile operators Sprint Nextel and household chain operating businesses depot ( Home Depot ) launched a proxy contest, the two companies made a management reform, forcing it to chief executive.

posen soup served as wachovia ( Wachovia ) chief executive officer, currently serves as chairman of the board of the HP board of directors of the audit, the job will be made by former rohm and haas ( Rohm & amp; Haas ), chief executive of rajiv gupta ( Rajiv Gupta ). Hamm glen’s current drug distributor maxon company ( McKesson ) chief executive, at the HP board’s finance committee chairman, the job will be done by Whitman, pick up.

HP said, Whitman voss will immediately, taking over as interim chairman Thompson and ham glen will in HP 5