How to challenge apple Google mobile system rule? 2 PM action

Beijing time on April 10, according to foreign media reports, the smartphone operating system market recently emerged a great new competitors, but will not shake apple iOS and Google Android’s status as a “double oligopoly”, unless you get a strong support for the mobile phone manufacturers and operators. In any case, any a new operating system can achieve 1% market share this year.

you rarely have the opportunity to witness a constantly upset its own industry, in addition to the smartphone industry. Since 2007, smartphone industry reform itself has not been stopped. In the process, these once the industry leader of nokia and Microsoft have been far behind.

apple and samsung dominated the smartphone market in the world, but the throne of king hasn’t sat hot, Chinese manufacturers have to catch up, moment to challenge their dominance.

under the attack of the apple and Google, whether other mobile operating system will also be able to challenge the status of the iOS and Android? If you can, other mobile operating system will rise in what way?

with the development of the mobile operating system market prospects and the possibility of change, the mobile industry experts tommy? Ahold ning (Tomi Ahonen) published the following views:

in the operating system level, we see significant changes, many new competitors efficacy of Tizen (OS) samsung and Intel to jointly develop, LG acquired WebOS, its Google, Mozilla firefox OS, and samsung, and common development of a Mozilla browser engine… These new mobile system for iOS and Android double oligopoly (duopoly) what impact?

the formation of the concept of a duopoly is reasonable, because Android market share as much as two-thirds. And iOS, these two mobile operating system control about nine over ten of the market. Although less than one third of the Android, iOS market share but it than blackberry OS, which is the third largest market share of more than four times more.

Android has achieved a certain degree of market leadership, this advantage can guarantee it continue to rule the market for several years, and this period there will be no real rival or challenger, even refused to cooperate with Android mobile phone manufacturers.

market share ranking the first Android is free, and the second iOS even without authorization opened up to a third party to use any Android phone makers to publish other tiny part of the mobile phone operating system can only compete for market share.

this year, we did see many companies issued a series of dazzling operating system, but the operating system more likely to kill each other, rather than a challenge to the existing market rulers.

please remember such a fact, blackberry and Microsoft late last year has just released BB10 and Windows Phone 8. Even though they all made great updates on the system, but the latest quarterly report, according to their sales accounts for only 3% of total sales. Don’t forget that in the past five years, the two systems are once a second popular mobile operating system.

from two angles to look forward to the future of the operating system.

first of all, the operating system is supported by major mobile phone manufacturers, especially 10 big mobile phone manufacturer support.

samsung Tizen system has two supporters from 10 major mobile phone manufacturers, is a samsung and huawei (3) (1). So the starting point of Tizen is very high.

the Mozilla Firefox OS has three main supporters: huawei, zte (4) and (3) LG (7).

other supporters of the new operating system was not so strong. It is important to note that Windows Phone system supplier base has been gradually weakened. In February of this year, the message from LG and samsung, said they found the Windows Phone no market demand, also can not get telecom operators support.

earlier Windows Phone system over the past several partners (SONY, dell, and HTC) also expressed a similar complaints.

second, the second important factor is the rise of a new operating system support telecom operators.

Tizen abnormal actively seek the support of the telecom operators and have got the endorsement of several global telecom operators. More importantly, the Tizen in several major countries won the support of China’s largest telecoms operator, such as Japan’s NTT DoCoMo SK telecom, South Korea, and Spain’s Telefonica, etc.

Firefox has cast powerful telecoms operators, including Latin America’s biggest operators American telecom (America Movil), and TIM in Italy and so on.

this year, the competition between Firefox and Tizen worthy of attention. From the point of the enthusiasm of operator partners, Tizen and Firefox on sales more than Windows Phone should be able to easily.

phase contrast, the new operating system more like other foil, rather than competitors. Although Finland Jolla Mobile Sailfish system got some support of China’s and India’s producers and retailers, but it is only in their own country a telecom operator partners, and the company named DNA is Finland in a minimum of three telecom operators. Jolla Mobile is a former nokia employees founded a small company, its predecessor is nokia’s former partner operating system. As is known to all, although the winning many former partner system, but it is a nokia’s sacrifice.

so far, Jolla Mobile hasn’t expressed worldwide challenge the intention of the “double oligopoly”, also have no plan to grab a percentile market share. On the contrary, it as a market segmentation on the market. Perhaps, it can meet the demand of high-end – now, smart phones more and more like the iPhone clone.

after the acquisition of WebOS, LG’s plan is not clear (formerly the PalmOS WebOS, has recently been LG bought from HP’s hand). LG may take some time to redesign the mobile phone, in order to better use this once considered only to be able to compete with the iOS operating system. Ubuntu is also a potential competitors, but it is lack of support for the mobile phone manufacturers and operators. If the aims of Ubuntu is the low-end market (Jolla, by contrast, Mobile to high-end), the market share of it needs to reach a certain scale. This means that Ubuntu needs the support of the top ten mobile phone manufacturers and major carriers. However, Ubuntu has not announced any cooperation plan.

this year’s innovation and product promotion. But, before Christmas, we will not see any can achieve 1% or 2% market share of new competitors. A duopoly status is very solid, the only possible form the threat of competitors is blackberry. But even if double blackberry’s market share, it is only 6% – is not a real challenger.

we should note that nokia’s Symbian system came to a dead end, production has stopped. In other words, the market share of nokia Symbian system free is carved up by other system, intelligent mobile phone operating system market volatility disappear, markets have been towards stability.

2011-2012, nokia has not dying for Symbian market share, but in preparation for the ill-fated Windows phones listed.

of course, Google and apple won’t be watching rivals catch up, they will fight to protect their position, so the innovation and evolution of the next few years will be more moderate than in the past two years.