How can a backgammon, OPPO, brother Ming accounts

as hunting cloud network went to press, there are a lot of consumers do not know a backgammon and oppo is a, have been think oppo is a Korean company. This is mainly attributed to the oppo marketing. If you search on the Internet now a backgammon with oppo information, do not dig deep, not found any information about the relationship between the two. Backgammon pr is conscientious.

now, backgammon in pushing vivo brand mobile phone, does it directly with the oppo cell phone? Feature phones era, in particular, the two brothers also main music mobile phone, how many are there conflict? And how to realize the collaborative development between the two?

branding to hide all

hunting cloud network in use baidu, 360 , sogou, Google and other major search tool to search oppo , backgammon, duan yongping paid (backgammon group chairman of the board of directors, including oppo ) and Chen Mingyong ( oppo CEO ) this a few key words, in addition to keywords duan yongping paid news, at the same time appear in the page oppo and relevant page, several other do not appear two brands associated phenomena. And in the key of duan yongping paid, oppo with a backgammon also won’t appear in the same news inside. Even more depressing is searching for a backgammon, general manager of Shen Hui, there is no news about him, an inside and out of sight. Open a backgammon, general manager of a thundering technology industry for many years Shen Hui mysterious “missing”! This clearly in every step of backgammon cell phone and of the group of tall oppo phone is suppression Yang difference attitude.

and oppo be misunderstood for south Korean companies, there is no doubt that is intentional. oppo at the beginning when filming advertisements propaganda, pick up a south Korean director, make advertisement style too Korean wave. And careful search early information on the network, with Chen Mingyong in duan yongping paid when initial calculations, does to a fool. Yong-ming duan during an interview, also boast that year to build desperately oppo brand spent several years, a lot of money to various countries do pronunciation test.

brothers contradiction to

9 on 22 , oppo N1 released on the eve of an apparently oppo legend type marketing pr article “duan yongping paid on OPPO Chen Mingyong effect” in the said:

at the beginning of 1999, step by step high marks into equity and personnel are independent of each other, don’t belong to each other relations of three companies. Today’s a backgammon handset company boss Shen Hui responsible for communications business; Yellow one grain is responsible for the education of electronic business, a retired; Chen Mingyong responsible for audio and video business. Since then, backgammon is not in the true sense of enterprise group. Three companies also not holding each other, they contact is part of the individual shareholders (duan yongping paid, Shen Hui, yellow grain, Chen Mingyong, including section in three companies are said to be about 10%) shows the percentage shares they hold shares in the three companies share a backgammon brand and a period of time and the channels of the original pipeline by about 80%.

three companies are holding, even Shen Hui Chen Mingyong them as individual shareholders holding each other company again high, on the premise of guarantee management enthusiasm, also absolutely is far less than his own company.

and Chen Mingyong has changed the audio-visual business, forming a backgammon focus on the development of international brand oppo , and then doing the audio-visual audio-visual products anticipated function in the future will be a lot of integration in the mobile phone, then upside down again rob communications business of the company’s mobile phone business, special also launch music phone later. Rather than a merger with a backgammon handset, remained independent operation of the company. This with a backgammon music phones have serious identical, opposites. This political middle business how to reconcile? Unless the oppo just bring a backgammon handset change shell, do double brand promotion, otherwise it’s hard to sort out. More can’t keep up, the channels of serious overlap between the two brothers. How should they Ming accounts?

product publicity and show the cloven foot

into the era of smart phones, backgammon handset launched vivo the brand, the main professional level, ultra-thin mobile audio. In the vivo X series flagship press release of the campaign, always looming mentioned his overseas professional high-end DVD player market products praised by which foreign professional media, sales in the similar products is long dominated the first, but we are never the initiative propaganda in the domestic market, to say, the domestic users are returned from the sea to buy our products, and so on. Here introduced overseas professional DVD player, use is oppo brand, namely oppo . And to the smartphone, oppo is completely give the professional to the brothers a backgammon vivo , is the main function of photography, it made many concessions? It didn’t use their accumulated many years of professional video image in the international market, how to weigh? Or because actually in the international market oppo fame and did not open?

cloud network hunting specifically went abroad website for information science and technology, the total search to three New oppo the three high-definition blu-ray DVD products: