History: the Roman empire Microsoft and success in the field of IT of genetically modified (gm) nokia


9 on 3 day, Microsoft announced to about 71.7 $ bought nokia, the acquisition, and the media’s habitual on bottom, underwear, such as “after the sale, nokia has left something” and “nokia with its former glory history”, “what about nokia, we remember the most?” , including “inventory nokia years god machine” and other parties at the end of the article have appeared, the author hope that readers don’t be trapped by all kinds of media brainwashing. In this paper the author want to share is wu jun and the peak of the wave, the book is a good choice for this moment presented to the user, to be able to understand the history of Microsoft and nokia.

in recent one hundred years, there are some companies fortunately, consciously or unconsciously stand above the wave of technological revolution. Once in that position, even if you don’t do anything, also can when local forward waves as she floated a decade or longer. In this decade, they represent the tide of science and technology, until the coming of the next wave.

and the peak of the wave can be said to be a modern history of science and technology, perhaps when you see the fantasy, can feel the beast blood boiling, but the peak of the wave is excited feeling to you. Don’t like the traditional history books boring, IT is not the same as IT, not the same feeling. Below the section in which Microsoft and nokia this period of history, for all to share.

IT in the field of the Roman empire – Microsoft

the Roman empire in its heyday controls about 590 square kilometers of land, is one of the ancient history of the largest countries in the world. Wu Junyong Roman empire to describe Microsoft, Microsoft’s powerful, he even thinks “across the IT field, Microsoft is always every company’s worst enemy “. The story of Bill Gates, a lot of people use as a template for self-help, but also some people said: “Bill Gates’s book won’t tell you his mother is IBM director, is she contributed to the first big business for my son, buffett’s book will only tell you; He knew he was 8 visited the nyse, but won’t tell you; Is his father took him to as members of congress, and is a director of Goldman sachs.” Anyway, Bill Gates is a legend, Microsoft is also a legend.

1. The pair. 1981 years, the company headquarters in silicon valley, Steve jobs, invite Bill Gates to discuss cooperation matters. Jobs showed gates, a new design of Macintosh personal computers, and beautiful operating system based on the graphical interface, suddenly the friend gates was stunned. Later, Microsoft has in total annihilation, the entire microcomputer era without jobs at the meeting this pair told gates personal computer operating system development direction in the future. Young at what cost? May be away others an empire.

2. better late than never. Gates at the pair feel the operating system’s flaw, in the face of apple’s leading operating system, gates has chosen the mend measures, or try your best to reduce the apple Macintosh operating system market shocks, gain time, to catch up. For the backward system, gates has chosen the meager profit but high turnover and comes to the net, Microsoft will BASIC free to , at the same time, with each copy 5 $ pre-installed in the IBM – PC phone, Microsoft with these conditions in return for the distribution rights, which is also one of the most early’s effort to seize market share, but did not wake up.

3. the people’s war. Grasping the snake swallow like is a terrible thing, even to a genius jobs also made this terrible mistake. Trillions of dollars of the entire computer industry scale, is by no means a company will be able to eat, and the enclosed road and pure technical route of apple, but delusion suck up the market, it is also one of the reasons for the failed to lead apple in the operating system market. While Microsoft in the case of civil strife with apple, developed windows3.0 and windonws3.1. Microsoft eventually rely on 10 in the people’s war won the microcomputer operating market dominance.

4 the birth of the empire. Windows3.0 for Microsoft, it broke through the the limits on the use of computer resources, make the entire computer industry chain from stereotypes, and the top of the chain is Microsoft. After the capture of the operating system monopoly market, Microsoft has strong eliminated lotus, wordperfect and netscape company, and take the maximum profit of several application software market, at this point, the empire began to officially born.

5 when napoleon. Gates that lead lion with talented Microsoft set up a powerful empire, in the process of the empire, the gates ready to conservative and adventure “balance” tactics, when napoleon was the best describe for the gates.

in this section the author raised the gates bent many times, generic copy others’ things, even Microsoft again and again of the accused of infringement, so even loss a lot. Here are a few Times over the years Microsoft larger amount of tort compensation: the sun, 19.5 $; , 8.5 $; Aol, 7.5 $; Apple, 2.5 $. The acquisition of nokia, Microsoft is not only to enter in the field of smart phones, is to a certain extent have a liking for nokia owns patent technology.

6. An. After defeating netscape, account for a large amount of market share, but in Microsoft’s internal infighting, which centered on Windows and centered on the browser into two pie, finally the infighting won by a Windows pie, of the importance of Microsoft from strategic level to the tactical level, defeated former netscape hero became an encumbrance, which is why 10 one of the reasons for the decline in the global market share.

7. Fort the Teutonic wars. The Roman empire in the wars of the past are firmly above, the only article in the fort, lost to the germans, which is similar to Microsoft, at the time of into the field of Internet, the rise of yahoo successfully fended off the Microsoft into the Internet. When yahoo Internet infrastructure services free, paid when other value-added services, Microsoft is also trying to collect networking fee from each family, this also confirms Microsoft genes it doesn’t adapt to the age of the Internet. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull