History of rhyme: Android is to retrace the Microsoft PC

history does not repeat, but history will rhyme. The PC era of apple, Microsoft is now between Android and iOS.

, according to IDC data just released 2013 Q2 global smartphone shipments for 236 million, up 51.3% from a year earlier. Among them, the Android smartphone market share of 79.3%, to 187 million shipments comfortably supremacy. IOS, by contrast, although shipments rose 20% year-on-year, in the proportion of the global smartphone market share is fall further, reduced to 13.2% from 16.6% during the same period last year.

obviously, although apple with the iOS and the iPhone ecosystem to make the most of the profits in the market, is affected by the impact of Moore’s law, apple’s high-end market is likely to be subject to further erosion of Android.

Android with a more open policy platform, attracted a large number of OEM manufacturers, such as samsung, LG, MOTOROLA, huawei, zte, etc. Unlike iOS software and hardware integration strategy, the success of Android is open source system rather than the sale of hardware. In addition, with the expansion of the Android, Android at the same time, in the face of fragmentation is correspondingly reduced risk. Because no matter what one company, are likely to lose no time to provide users with more popular Android devices.

in the 90 s, with a tie-up with the Intel and Microsoft conquered the PC market. Now, Microsoft continues to rule the microcomputer market on the one hand, on the one hand, rely on the traditional business cash rich milk, doing its best to develop mobile device market. Despite its small market share, according to IDC report shows that Microsoft has been replaced by a large majority of blackberry, become old, in the field of smart phones and maintained the momentum of rapid growth.

apple has always been good at the technology advantage into a market advantage, but now faces no less technically Android, seems out of puff. However, face more gradually decline in market share, apple seems to have started to fight back. The future launch of cheap iPhone is considered to be an apple for the market. In fact, the original smartphone market has been completely divided, how to develop a huge number of potential users is the key. Both for Android, iOS, and Microsoft, will attract “first-time users” (first buyers) will determine the future direction.

history will not cycle, can sometimes have a striking resemblance. Once defeated by Microsoft apple, now in the field of mobile smartphone again defeated Microsoft. However, it seems that this victory is very difficult to happen in the race for the iOS and Android. Anyway, three points, the dominance, are not apple would like to see. If once the industry pioneer don’t change, perhaps really have to be at the risk of clearing out.