Hisense with sina weibo cross-border cooperation four highlights and four big questions

on September 23, hisense with sina weibo launched two intelligent frequency conversion air conditioning products, the cooperation is also sina went to the field of Internet of things into one of the most important aspects of the layout plan, and hisense a breakthrough in the field of smart home.

the more intelligent air conditioning divided into two categories, vertical, wall, vertical Numbers for KFR – 50 lw, lw KFR – 72, wall-mounted Numbers for KFR – 35 gw, KFR – 26 g, now in taobao hisense’s official flagship store has stores (but now display status is out of stock), at the same time in the north of guangzhou, and jinan, Qingdao, shenzhen and other places to complete samples, the surrounding residents during the National Day golden week can experience to the nearest and accept reservations.

the biggest characteristic is to allow users to products through the use of weibo mobile client body qr code scanning air conditioning way looking for virtual air conditioning control account, after its friending through direct messages password input can be binding. After the operation to complete the user can realize and virtual air conditioning of the client direct messages and the regulation of temperature remote control switch machine. In addition, users can also through the client the current state and indoor and outdoor temperature monitoring air conditioning. Also hisense custom local remote control based on iOS and Android App.

Four window:

1 binding process is simplified to friends focuses on operating steps, operation simple and clear.

just open the client scan qr code input account of air conditioning terminal can be completed through binding, don’t need to be laid auxiliary equipment, does not need complex setup process, only need to scan qr code to enter the password the binding of mobile phones on the equipment can be realized.

2 weibo transformation content reduce degree of difficulty to fit the platform, user friendly interface.

weibo in China, with 500 million registered users (including zombie powder and vest), weibo mobile client operating experience can complete the remote control of the refrigerator, and the remote control interface can also be in air conditioning management account directly exhale in the main interface, very convenient.

3 hisense as compression equipment manufacturing from manufacturers, air conditioning quality guaranteed.

home air conditioning plants in China, almost all other bosses, and business is only a old total Zhou Xiaotian hisense air-conditioning is air conditioning, senior engineer, and once both global and compressor refrigerator, secretary general of the industry standard. Since 97 focus on frequency conversion for 15 years, kelon rongsheng multiple brand enjoys a good reputation in the country.

some questions:

1 account security by who?

although hisense claim to identify binding of the handheld device hardware, but also in the process of demonstration only a qr code scanning to find and password input binding. Internet security is therefore users with sina account security bindings, once the sina account stolen, the user’s home will also be disciplined by others.

in addition to all this demo also no mention of how to implement the binding of lifting operation, and air conditioning terminal on the account if there is a management function. Once the account security problems, the user is the first object will inevitably challenged hisense, hisense party delivery of all the things have united authority cloud terminal clearly has owe considerations.

if sina microblogging platform really determined turned into material industry, there is a clear need for radical reform to microblogging end, sincerity is limited only in the clouds make adjustment.

2 power line communication technology affect other appliances?

hisense solve Wifi by means of power line communication signal attenuation problem through walls, of course it is a good way. But with power line channel will be the noise impact of other household electrical appliances, if increase the transmission power (based on the shannon theorem improve SNR signal to noise ratio), then the high frequency carrier can produce interference of similar family audio equipment? Is it necessary to prompt the user for example the speaker equipment power plug additional front low-pass filter unit?

3 DMS operation process is unknown.

on sina weibo, main interface input text search contacts, operated by DMS text input again. This reference to zhejiang university CNTT laboratory water dispenser idea seems interesting and there is no actual meaning, just variations on the command line, direct messages show MOE users in the form of contact for a long time will also be boring. This is private home appliances in management behavior, with social platform user operation used to do the design of the one-to-one mapping is not necessary.

4 bilateral strategic positioning are consistent?

with frequency conversion air conditioning market compared with horse energy-saving air conditioning usually 23000 more than higher prices, and the introduction of several intelligent air conditioning is frequency conversion air conditioning with air purification function, two vertical air conditioning price as high as 18000 yuan and 22000 yuan, the cheapest wall 1 air conditioning also wants 5000 yuan of above, this and weibo user groups (roots) on the positioning obviously out of line. Obviously both the development team and high-level lack of communication in the process of development, for the intention of the partners and the lack of adequate ponder.

hisense obviously wants a fight in the high-end market, but sina aspects is still in the water, no matter from product support on publicity or still have some reservations.