Heard of it? The national top ten focusing rich private technology companies

business insider’s website lists across the United States recently ten unknown private holding company of science and technology.

business insider’s website after studying their own Digital 100 list, the Forbes magazine list of the world’s largest privately held company, Inc., 500, and silicon valley business magazine’s list is obtained after the list, in which all the company’s revenue is expected to 2011, the list is as follows:

1, the World Wide technology: the estimated $4.1 billion in annual sales


in st Louis,

World Wide technology is a “systems integrators”, also is to help other companies to establish a technology consulting of large enterprise project, involving project includes VMware software, security, network and software “cabin equipment”, etc. At present, the company has about 1800 employees

2, SHI international: estimated $4.5 billion in annual sales

headquarters: American somerset

SHI international is an online market, the enterprise can be in above buy computers, printers, servers, etc. In addition, it also provides consulting services and cloud computing. Annual revenue of $4.5 billion, with more than 2000 employees, SHI is also an American by minorities and women as leaders of large technology companies.

3, Infor: expects $2.8 billion in annual sales

headquarters: New York, USA

Infor is a low-key enterprise application development company, sales of $3 billion, company valuation of about $16.1 billion. Infor’s chief executive, Charles? Phillips (Charles phillips) was oracle’s President. Infor low-key grow because it is through acquisitions, like many software companies will come together, every company involved in areas of small, such as for dairy products and footwear company.

4, Zones: expects $1 billion in annual sales


, Washington, us

Zones selling computer hardware, software and equipment to other companies, and help them to install and maintain, it is good at cisco network components and virtualization technologies and other professional fields.

5, SoftLayer: expects $400 million in annual sales

headquarters: Dallas

SoftLayer is the largest privately held company cloud computing and web hosting service. Have been reported, IBM and EMC have to bid for the company. SoftLayer valued at $2.8 billion, revenues of about $400 million in 2012, more than more than $2011 in 300 million.

6, PayPros: expects $214 million in annual sales

headquarters: American newmark

PayPros main payment processing and POS software sales. It’s more than 55000 customers.

7, Datapipe: expects $200 million in annual sales

headquarters: the jersey city

Datapipe to using cloud computing service companies provide IT management services. It cooperates with amazon, on the basis of their own data center also provide cloud space. Based on its revenues of about $2011 in 200 million, thus Datapipe valuation of about $2 billion.

8, Intelligent Software Solutions: expects $166 million in annual sales

headquarters: American KeQuan city

Intelligent Software Solutions for the military and the government investigation department to provide large data and virtualization Software/map Software.

9, Urban Science: the estimated $126 million in annual sales

headquarters: Detroit

Urban Science for global auto makers to provide commercial analysis software. It was founded in 1977, the founder Jim? Anderson (Jim Anderson) was a professor of Wayne state university. He had found a for Cadillac’s marketing activities based on complex statistical method of math and science.

10, Ahead: the estimated $125 million in annual sales

headquarters: Chicago

as a technology service company, Ahead describe themselves as “common brain” technicians and consultants, it helps enterprises on their networks and data center deployment of the latest and greatest technology.

translation: sohu IT

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