Hand Q really lost to the micro letter?

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recently, media reports have been WeChat all kinds of news and gossip, there are many more media handle Q and WeChat the two brothers to the challenge. More to see an article on the net, today. The author’s opinion is as follows:

the first: micro letter is the mobile Internet products more in line with mobile phone users habit; Second, WeChat can buster is a new thing, more eye-catching; Third, hand Q burden is too heavy, micro letter brand image more appropriate; Fourth, the QQ gave WeChat very big growth space.

even though four views seem to hold up, but I think, in the four o ‘clock to show hand Q to micro letter, was too far-fetched. The next thing I’d like to with personal view to refute one by one.

first, although WeChat conforms to the characteristics of the mobile Internet, but the hand of Q is also not bad.

although WeChat only loyal to the mobile terminal, but not mean WeChat belong to and conform to the characteristics of the mobile Internet. Yes, WeChat didn’t like the QQ online status, because it is impossible to the mobile Internet has a “line” under this phenomenon, but not so that hand Q to WeChat. Instead, Q from PC to mobile part of the function and characteristics is very cater to the user’s habits. For example:

“invited” to go to the night last night and friends, and the results to the evening but could not find the girl, because before is a Q and WeChat in communication with the hand, but I couldn’t get through the phone, WeChat nobody back, to see if she can only use hand Q online. And if there is no online status at this time simply rely on micro letter and hand Q, it is difficult for us to contact to get this girl, even it is hard to judge whether we be “fairy jump”. I think, when the hand Q online status is very important?

in addition, although the micro letter can receive QQ message, can also as a free text messaging applications. However, in terms of timely communication, hand Q and WeChat both IM software is no different, if you want to contact the mobile phone of the person who is equipped with QQ, then WeChat become redundant? Of course, it must establish in the Q of the installed capacity, and the data show that installed capacity are far above WeChat hand Q.

second, WeChat competitor, hand Q is also trying to.

although in the industry, micro letter is for the mobile Internet. But, hand Q team also has been trying to, some time ago to remove online status is a good proof, although there are support and opposition. When it comes to online, micro letter bubbles and voice function is better than a hand Q. But I think, the product is different from person to person, for I have 11 years in the network age, at least, mobile phone QQ and micro letter in communication of the user experience degrees above is not much difference. The new hand Q is also easy to send voice messages. On this point, the letter failed to embody the advantage.

third, although there are fresh new products, but under the mobile Internet, practical is the absolute principle.

the web view is that, compared with hand Q WeChat by ZhongXingPengYue treatment, because it is a rising star, is a fresh topic, so the focus of public opinion has been around WeChat. And hand Q birth has been 10 years of time, users and public opinion are used to it, don’t have much fresh at all. To this, I can only smile. Fresh things is always welcome, but the long-term development, also depends on whether the products can meet the demand of user’s demand and the length of time.

in the late 90 s, we like to wear bell bottoms, colourful my hair, then like the meteor garden and gangster F4. But as time goes on, I think flat or look good, young and dangerous while the cult, but zhang jinlai version of journey to the west has been popular. Tide of fashion, fresh, is yes, the key is how to put these new elements into users love and practical function. In the age of the micro letter, I used to hand Q. With my work on hand Q time often contact with classmates, colleagues and friends, and more on WeChat is don’t know. , of course, to a certain extent, micro letter entertaining does better than hand Q, but if the point as advantages, the micro letter is not only suitable for outside of work?

4, although WeChat than hand Q can create more wealth, but not all users are entrepreneurs.

view, online WeChat brand packaging is better than hand Q, is superior to hand in the user follow degree Q, mainly displays in WeChat can bring wealth to some users. Said the idea that I want to, online is the micro letter is suitable for the media and O2O, and Q is bulky. The idea that’s right, the use of targeted WeChat can really create a lot of wealth. But, can make money in micro letter above accounted for more than most? Even if WeChat give users more wealth than hand Q, Q also cannot explain WeChat is superior to hand. A very simple reason, if you have a small dongfeng truck and a Rolls-Royce phantom, in terms of transportation, dongfeng and phantom can play a small card can transport goods and people’s work. But a small card a day to delivery goods, at least $500, could you please elaborate more than Rolls-Royce phantom dongfeng small card? At least not biased.

5, hand Q too fat? Not bad!

website, hand Q is too fat, and micro letter is light. Actually I want to say here is, hand Q and WeChat would have two different product lines, the start is not to be used for comparison. If must do more, and I talk about my point of view, it is Q “bloated” will let hand Q more than WeChat installed base.

1, from mobile phone hardware, hand Q “bloated” appear insignificant. Which student’s cell phone use QQ now also card? To take one hand motions with? I don’t think so, and now ready to quad-core, run a QQ in? Brother, you buy fake goods?

2, with the traffic from hand Q “bloated” is insignificant. Mobile phones have WIFI now? Free wi-fi is also often encounter. Even if access to the Internet via GPRS, traffic combo in general.

3, hand function, Q’s bloated is its advantage. Eyes to see, Chinese users prefer the multi-purpose one-stop services, but also some people like precise function, so has the debate between the product manager, a product’s function is to complete or to fine? It’s hard to tell, after all, everyone is not the same as the habit of use the product. But for the most, have WeChat machines usually have QQ, because sometimes WeChat is unable to achieve the function of hand Q some. As I said above, I use WeChat generally difficult to link to the colleagues and friends.

6, only the micro letter to replace mobile phone short message function?

let alone WeChat other competitors, each Q, can also replace mobile phone text messages. Of course, if there is no micro letter to “spoiler”. Did a lot of people the micro letter as a mobile phone short message, but it cannot illustrate that micro letter hand more than Q. The first is the product line is different, cannot treat as the same; The second is the manner in which micro letter instead of SMS hand Q can be achieved.

7, hand Q space also gives challenge to the micro letter.

hand Q to a certain extent to the micro letter “benefits”, for a lot of hand Q users gradually like micro believe this new product. Although hand Q WeChat jacking force, if which day WeChat threat to Q, hand Q also fought back. And on this point, hand Q has the advantage of user habits. So, two models on the degree of competition at present, is not sufficient to show that hand Q is lost to the micro letter.


I personally think, handle Q and WeChat tied together to discuss who good who bad itself is boring. As I dongfeng cabrera and Rolls-Royce example above, two kinds of car route would not have been the same. If one must take high-status advantage to Rolls-Royce and small card than, or bring cabrera’s ability to transport goods and than Rolls-Royce, it is joke.

according to my observation, hand Q route is the QQ from the PC to the mobile end first, then gradually adapt to the mobile Internet. And micro letter route lies in social and mobile telephone. If the letter is used to find new friends, while hand Q up with responsibility for maintaining good relationship with friends. Who go to work when will use micro letter to maintain the customer relationship? My view is that the hand Q and micro letter can’t compete, if must compete, now is not the final result. As for what the future holds, or let user and market judgment.

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