Greetings search jun liu rebuked the rumor: don’t put the technology into the entertainment circle

there are media reports said the immediate search startup management changes, people’s deputy editor Zhang Shanju airborne served as deputy general manager deal with daily work, and the deputy general manager Wang Jiangze temporarily chief scientist jun liu is responsible for research and development work. This means that, at such a time and instantly search basic cooperation came to an end. Jun liu.

this jun liu weibo response “correspondent recently, the media of greetings are very concerned about, thank you. I haven’t received the instant search work position change and adjustment of any notice, the partnership continues. As in weibo search and social search field accumulated the most vendors, greetings and immediate cooperation is a win-win situation from the beginning. I hope you pay more attention to the Internet innovation, don’t put the technology into the entertainment circle.”

greetings network insiders convective cloud network, said the company felt helpless to recent rumors.