“Grandpa” Whatsapp launch similar WeChat voice intercom function

according to foreign media reports, science and technology will be released in the next 24 hours Whatsapp voice function (similar to WeChat hold the speech function). The company’s co-founder and chief executive Jan Koum, said in an interview Whatsapp speech will cover all the operating platform, including the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, smartphone users, can enjoy this service.

as a veteran mobile IM applications, Whatsapp has long been known as “grandpa” nickname. When so many similar applications in active exploration on function, profit model, Whatsapp once stagnant. Recently, Whatsapp just for free to all users use policy. (see “)

overall, introduced the Whatsapp voice function, and the voice of the letter are very similar to function. Users by holding down the “click to talk” button, for voice intercom, and you can also through the “right” this gesture, cancel send voice. When the user both sides in the process of speech recognition, the dialog will appear a small blue microphone icon, in order to prompt voice information state (accepted or not accepted). In addition, the voice of Whatsapp can also perceive distance function, and through the phone’s speaker automatically adjust the volume.

so far, Whatsapp on active number of users has exceeded 300 million, among them, the application in Germany, Mexico, India, Spain, the number of active users are more than 20 million. According to statistics, in a single day passed on Whatsapp message has more than 31 billion, rose 14.8%.